Epic Founders Pack, Is it worth it?

  • Sagivaleon wrote:

    So... Um... yeah.
    Is the Epic Founders Pack worth $10 more? Are any of the beta benefits worth it for Veteran or Epic? Should I wait for the game to be released, and then buy it for hopefully cheaper?
    Usually in games founder pack gives a player something more than just the game. You get stuff you cant get later and better benefits like premium time, gold and such things. If you know you are going to play this game for sure, then you should consider to buy pack you want. You can also upgrade your package to higher one later. You can get all the same benefits to beta and release. So you can spend all your gold during beta for example and get it all back to release.

    So if you know you are going to buy Albion at some point, i suggest you to do it now. You get more benefits and you can test things through during beta and then you are more experienced when the game releases. You can make yourself a gameplan to make better career choises. Or maybe you find a guild in beta, which helps your start at release. :)