Launcher Issues

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  • Launcher Issues

    Hey all,

    I used to enjoy playing Albion online at work and would like to continue to play this game on my breaks and lunch if feasible. Previously I used to be able to play due to the entire client being downloadable, though I had to download it every time a new patch came out. So where I stand now is with the launcher being the only thing that I have access to every time I boot it up I get the error "Error: Could not verify identity of the update site. please go to and download a fresh installer.". I am unable to patch and unable to play, and am basically stuck with just a launcher and no game.

    What I have tried:
    1. Running the launcher in Admin.
    2. Downloading the launcher multiple times.
    3.Using the Repair/Reinstall option in the help menu. (I get an error that says "Cannot do this right now. Please wait for the current activity to finish.)

    What I assume is the issue with my limited knowledge of networking is either one of the two following things:
    1. Our work firewall is blocking the ports for the launcher. I cannot find anything on the webpage as to what ports are needed to make the launcher work.
    2. Our company antivirus is blocking the connection.

    Any help or ideas on how to further troubleshoot would be greatly appreciated.