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  • Personal Islands

    I am curious as to why i dont see more post about this. I am taken aback a little bit by the lack of being able to access your personal islands in other towns. As a relatively solo player i started to play the game knowing at the very least i have my own personal island. Now i have it to t4 and wanted to move out of Honnister's pass for bigger and better gear. but now i am being told i need to start back over on my lil island..... well it kind of kills it for me as a solo player. I spent a crap ton of time farming the materials for my shitty little buildings and scrounging up enough money to upgrade for more farming plots.

    I understand guild islands being local even though i feel they shouldnt be. But personal islands are ment to be used for farming and flare. whats the harm in allowing access to them from any city?