Ongoing List of Issues

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  • Ongoing List of Issues

    • Im am (still) missing a Option to track certain pearks instead of the static categorized Tracking (e.g. Fighting Missions,...)
    • The health on hit (on weapons) doesnt Scale very well
    • would be cool to have the possibility to set "Routs" for traveling 2 reagions without the boring manually riding, at least i can make myself a coffee in that time
    • Still missing a "right click" to swap inventory items with e.g. repair, or trade, or chest
    • There is not much to be surprised by in the word: No Loot crates, No rare Spawns, no Hidden stuff, ..
    • Im am missing a way to cancel my spells ? (normally done by moving)

    • I can't find a Button to permanent Skip the Intro Video
    • Fonts on Weapon tooltips are broken when Text is long (not readbale)
    • While every Weapon has a fourth Variant (Item Level 800) Maces have none ?
    • Shields seem to be only viable on Tanks for PvE ? (Because of Thread Bonus etc)
    • There are still no Toolips / Mouseover on Items
    • Weapons Description are giving no hints if the Weapon is 1 handed or 2 handed
    • Mini Maps and Region Maps look like a Pac Man Placeholer Version
    • Missing full Sreen Borderless Mode as Option (yea you can workaround this)

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