T6 Solo Dungeons bug? (Specifically Withertree Swamp)

  • T6 Solo Dungeons bug? (Specifically Withertree Swamp)


    I hope you're all enjoying the game as much as I am, but I have a question:
    • Have you experienced a bug with T6 solo dungeons?
      • I feel like it's glitched, or I'm doing something wrong. I would show up with 2 other guild mates, and we would begin to clear the dungeon. These mobs are all full silver BTW. But then we get to the mini-bosses, and they're not there. There are only one or two blue-green circles and that's about it. Then we get to the main boss, and he/she isn't there either, only one blue-green circle.
    Any advice is appreciated.. I thought it was a coincidence, but it happened on 3 dungeons on two different maps. Thank you.


  • This is not a bug but intended in the new changes.

    Basically what is happening is this: Green and blue portals have been drastically reduced in frequency. And when I say drastically think 15x. Portals can take a day or more to respawn rather than respawning repeatedly every hour or so. This means its actually rare to see a green/blue portal up.

    The miniboss will only appear if the portal is up. So be prepared to not encounter a miniboss the majority of the time as portals are very rare to find now.

    Please remember that if you see a portal but no miniboss, this means that another person or group has entered the portal but not completely filled the maximum number the portal can hold. So if you clear to a miniboss and find it missing, but there is a portal glowing there then it means someone has already killed the miniboss and entered the portal. And you can no longer enter it because you are not in his group. The portal will remain if 1 person enters a green portal (which can hold up to 2 people), or 4 or less people enter a blue portal (which can hold up to 5 people).

    During the test server many of us noticed this change. So basically you can no longer stay permanently in a portal, redoing it again and again. Now if you do a green portal in a dungeon solo, then you can expect there to be no more green portals for a good 20 hours plus in that dungeon.

    This means that people can't just avoid the danger of a dungeon and reap the benefits of the increased fame/silver drops you find in a red/black zone. And it also reduces china farmers and other players who would rather stay in an instance the whole game rather than interact with others. Personally I love the change because it forces people into the open world and no longer caters to players who want to avoid others in complete safety.

    ALSO: please note that even if you are in a yellow zone and enter a green portal, these mobs will execute you in the event of death. So Dying in a portal means you will lose all your gear. No longer are they forgiving to players as they were before.

    Hope this answers your question.