The Crimson Magic Clan! Conquering Albion, one friend at a time!

  • The Crimson Magic Clan! Conquering Albion, one friend at a time!

    Immediate opening!

    Wanna do more than just play the game? Wanna be a part of a fun, friendly, helpful and accepting community?

    We are a cozy and harmonious guild. Any new or veteran adventurers who wish to journey wish The Crimson Magic Clan need look no further!

    Our main goal is to create a good group of people to have fun with throughout the game. This is the place to have fun, be silly, and make friends! Feel free to be your weird self. <3

    We are a guild that started near the end of last beta and will continue to grow strong. We seem like tight group of people that know each other forever, but honestly a majority of us only met through the game and became really close. That's just the nature of our guild!
    Our focus is PvE and crafting, but we welcome PvP preferred players to help us as well. We have allied ourselves with strong guilds to help one another out with what we each lack. It’s is truly a home to all kinds of players. :thumbsup:

    Some quotes from our members last beta:
    @Dhoone: I’ve been happy everyday ever since joining this party. I’ve definitely hit the jackpot!
    @Noctis: I got over my illness and became popular, all thanks to joining this guild!
    @Sog: It’s not like I have anything ot do other than hanging with you guys anyways, b-bakka! *blush*

    Guild requirements:
    - Willingness to help out guild/alliance and its members
    - Not afraid to make friends and talk about fun topics with other guild members
    - A Fun, friendly, a nice attitude at all time
    - Be accepting and accommodating all members
    - Have Discord

    Interested? Leave your ign below or leave a post in game @Tunnibyo

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