You all know it: Rending Strike is useless

  • You all know it: Rending Strike is useless

    Well, why is rending strike even there? I mean, with T8 numbers, let's just see how useless it is at all with a simple analysis:

    Hand of Khor T8

    Rending Strike: 18 dmg per second for 4 seconds and 10% healing reduction by stack(2s cd) -> in 6 seconds using 3 times the Q -> 18+18+36+36+36(first stack off)+36 = u can only stack 36 dmg/second and 20% healing reduction -> 180 total dmg in 6 seconds

    Heroic Strike: 262 dmg per strike (2s cd) -> 786 total dmg in 6 seconds

    I think it's clear, no one will use Rending Strike never ever since the 30% healing reduction is not even achieved, you need CD reduction to get this. To add even more:

    Great Nature Staff T8

    Rejuvenation: 20 heal per second for 8 seconds(1,5s cd)-> in 6 seconds using 4 times the Q (we will forgot about consuming charges here) -> 20+40(used Q again before it heals)+40+60+80(used Q again before it heals)+80 = 320 total heal in 6 seconds - > 320x0,8(20% heal reduction) = 256 total healing in 6 seconds

    Also, healing is for 8 seconds, so when Rejuvenation stops without using Q again, it will heal a total of 640 total heal in 14 seconds (without healing reduction) while Rending Strike without using Q again will deal 216 total dmg in those 14 seconds.

    So, what's the matter on using Rending Strike as Q spell? Also, Rending strike consumes 18 energy and Heroic Strike consumes 7 energy.

    TL;DR: Buff Rending Strike or include it in Heroic Strike in some way, because right now is such an useless skill.

    Oh, and btw, don't think about nerfing Heroic Strike since it isn't the best Q spell of the warrior weapons by far.
  • Roughly 200 damage at tier 8, I used a t4 axe and multiplied the itempower bonus for t8. Ergo ur damage over 6 seconds will be roughly : 3x200+180 in 6 seconds. That is the same damage as the heroic strike would deal, without the healing deminishing effect.

    Hence why it has the high energycost on it. If it would be as spammable as the heroic strike it would be better.

    Greetz Subs
  • I feel like the debuff doesn't last long enough. 4 seconds is pretty short. I get about 2 auto atks with the halberd in before I have to refresh it. In PvP if people are running from me the debuff would wear off in no time. I'd rather have the striking damage reduced and the DOT dmg increased along with the length of the debuff.
  • the main problem of this skill is and always will be that its great in theory, however in open world or gvg set up its hard to constantly stack that healing reduction and thats where it suffers the most. Yes in 1v1 duel you can maintain it due to close quarters proximity but anywhere else and it instantly becomes much much more difficult to keep it up.

    dailicious is basically correct, the damage can be reduced if the dot with healing reduction can be extended to a point where it actually matters. I think currently its just too short and with a melee weapon its just too difficult to count that healing reduction as a positive because its very very situational and i wish that it could get touched up a tad to make it a little more easier to use.