1h battleaxe too much mana hungry = underpowered

    • Expaer schrieb:

      Forgive I have mixed descriptions (though I precisely remember that on the book there was just an energy restoration, and on an orb acceleration a cast speed, probably maybe developers have changed or I too scattered).

      Zayac87 schrieb:

      torch: explain why it suddenly mana with him on your opinion flies more quickly, if he only does this increase the speed of auto attack of weapon???
      Torch help with self health regenerate from your auto-attacks but if you need to use [rending strike] in 1h Axe build and this spell drain all your energy and only Cloth set or Orb or [energy shield] on Plate Helmet can helped you with energy regeneration.
      I think shield is more good for using with 1h Axe he got damage reduce and CC resist, In my opinion it is far better than the attack speed or a passive bigger stock of energy and its restoration, with 1h Axe I love survival not a opportunity is more often to apply spells or fast attack.
      I think a spear with a torch can be a good option with the same build (since the main damage is based on the use of auto attacks + it is good opportunity of dash from "e", which will allow you to get close with the archers after breaking a distance by them and), you have not tried to test this?

      ps wrote you in a PM about the test duels.

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    • @Zayac87 didn't test another weapons but fight a lot of them and got ~85% win rate in duels(my t5.2 vs t4.3-t6.1), only fire(easy win then he missed all his spells, but if he catch me on my mistakes I'm suck so hard), spear(got 1 victory then he not be a serious) can owned me and Morgana Artifact Weapon - Raven Helleberd got good chance to win too, btw all my enemies getting more hight tear armor or weapon and I win it easy.

      There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

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