Healing Passive on Weapons

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    • Healing Passive on Weapons

      Currently the passive healing ability is as follows:

      Every 3 normal attacks your Heals become 20% stronger. The buff lasts for 2s.

      (Currently it's bugged and often times won't proc until after the 4th normal attack, but that's a different matter).

      This passive is counter intuitive to the healer play style in my opinion. Let's break down a few scenarios:

      GvG: A healer won't sacrifice their position in order to proc the passive ever.
      ZvZ: A healer won't be contributing to anti-zerg mechanics via auto attacks, nor will they likely have the GCD time to accomodate proccing the passive.
      PvE: A healer could potentially make use of the passive in this situation, but with the buff only lasting 2s the list of spells that would provide impact with its benefit is very small.


      A few suggestions for concepts to base better healing passives around:

      • a small self heal % based on heals cast (perhaps 2%, from a single target only [the target with the highest amount of healing active])
      • every 3 normal heals cast, your next heal is empowered with a small shield (say 10% of the heal value, thus allowing you to prioritize a larger heal to proc a larger shield). The shield lasts 10 seconds or until depleted.
      • every 3 normal heals cast, your next heal becomes 20% stronger. The buff lasts for 2s.
      • every 3 normal heals cast, your next heal produces a small area of effect heal at target location instead of being single target.

      Lots of options, but something not based on auto attacking would be better aligned with the play style.
    • Yeh this doesnt seem right it should be based off what your weapon is.
      Bow i can see being auto attacks, if your weapon does dot damage it should be based off the dots, healing the time you stand still for example...

      Every weapon should have unique feel not something so simple as auto attack that alot of people dont even use.
    • currently they are considering changing the "hits" on staffs and other weapons that have a hard time "hitting" into after X "Casts" to make it less painfull for ranged people with only casts and no instants to make use of the procs.
      The after X "Hits" was just a placeholder since it was done first (before the cast thing was working properly)
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    • Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, you are right the auto attack passives really didn't fit the healer weapons at all.

      So, in the newest patch healer and also all caster weapon passives have been reworked and adjusted to better fit their playstyle. Many passives are now stacked up by using any spells. You can already check them out on staging. :)