The Tales of the OutlandLord

  • The scent of his ego lay pungent in the air. "It is time," the voice said, as it echoed around inside her head like a short of hard liquor. She drew her finger to the sharp poison tip. The tiny bead of blood proof enough he would be oblivious to the poison as it ran through him like a plague. She sat still for a moment, enjoying the buzz from the poison she had sucked from her finger, in the blink of an eye the horrors of her past enveloped her. This shroud should never burden another soul.
    "Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach a person to use the Internet and they won't bother you for weeks, months, maybe years."
  • The Legend Is Complete

    If there was still any doubt..

    the legend is now confirmed.

    The people of albion gave the OutlandLord the victory over albion Release (before it's actual release :thumbsup: )

    By the wisdom of Roorz the people of albion decided not to face the OutlandLord in open battle.

    The OutlandLord shall now travel to other worlds to conquer them.

    Did you read that all you OutlandLord fans out there?

    Because of this victory the OutlandLord will not return to the albion world.

    But but but.. rumor has it that YaayAlbion may return to the albion world on Release to celebrate his Release Victory with all his fans out there. = yaaaaaaaay :thumbsup:

    Why does YaayAlbion claim the OutlandLord's victory you say? ?( :huh: ?( :huh: ?( :huh: ?( ?( ?(

    Because as you can read YaayAlbion kinda PK'ed OutlandLord's character out of the story.

    So YaayAlbion PK'ing the character that won Albion Release means.. that YaayAlbion was victorious over the character that was victorious of albion, making him victorious over albion's conqueror.. making him the conqueror of the conqueror who conquered albion. Anyone still reading.. :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :huh: || :sleeping:

    And if you don't go with that story.. I'll just go with that YaayAlbion PK'ed the OutlandLord and looted the victory out of his inventory :thumbsup:

    How can one loot a victory out of someone's inventory you say?

    If you can carry an ox in your inventory in albion.. everything is possible ^^

    And here is where the Tales of the OutlandLord end.

    Victory for Yaay!!
    Let's Make Albion Legendary. just somerandom