The Grand Tournament Herald

  • The Grand Tournament Herald

    In the wake of the first weekly Grand Tournament, I thought it apt to start an article on the events, both to discuss the events and document the winners, but also to show the plans heading forward to next week.

    The day was sunny and gorgeous. I had already worked from 7:30 am and was keen to get home and start gathering people for the tournament, since I had a limited window between finishing work and the supposed start time. I had been sick the last three days and so I was rightfully worried no one would show up. When I logged in, I did my normal global spam, but to no avail. Maybe everyone was desensitized to my pleas by this point. I decided to switch tactics, since at this point I only had two teams confirmed. I stripped down (SEX SELLS, PEOPLE) and started taking the caravan to each city, talking instead in local and say chat, hoping to catch some people who had global turned off. I was in luck! One of the towns I went to had a large group of ENVY sitting on direwolves. A menacing bunch considering I was naked! But I braved the ridicule and pointy teeth and turned a couple around to my cause! Meanwhile, I was getting a trickle of whispers of people interested in forming a singles team. By this point I stopped crying. There was actually a chance that all the work I was putting in would pay off!

    At this point 2100 was nigh, so I booked it to Amisbridge, put some clothes on, and went out to the territory we were holding the event at. La Croisade was already present and waiting before I even arrived, followed by ONE single. Ozran vs the world. The most epic tournament of all time... A few minutes later T2D showed up, followed by a couple more singles. I was anxious about the arrival of ENVY, since... well... I'm under no delusions that the tournament would be successful without them. However, Mojo then told me they were in fact coming. I was relieved! I found it pretty hilarious that he brought VetonB, considering he had been one of the main ones ridiculing my tournament from the very beginning of my advertising it. (???)

    Here is The video of the whole event !

    The first best of 3 was LC vs T2D (at 38:00). LC fought decisively and went up 2-0. Next up was the Randoms vs Envy. This was the match where I realized I needed to join a party because otherwise the matches resemble MADNESS (55:00). The next fight starts at 103:30 between Singles and Envy. Envy goes up 2-0. Onwards with the winner's bracket, LC then faces Envy (110:30). The second match has a bit of a hickup where two LC members were in the middle of a trade when the match started. Unfortunately some of the members were on a tight schedule and needed to leave anyway. The next fight was the beginning of the Loser Bracket starting with the Randoms vs T2D. The first match is at 125:30. Through all of this, the Randoms team had people leaving and joining. pretty much every match. After this fight someone dced and didn't return. So the remaining La Croisade member stepped up to join the randoms. Hedbert07/Gorzy joined the fray! Unfortunately he forgot to flag, so they had to redo the match. The next real fight is at 148:30 making the score 1-1.

    After this fight is when things got silly. VetonB doing his normal VetonB thing gets all drama queen-y and cannot stop himself from trashtalking for no reason. I end up having to threaten him getting booted from the tournament. He keeps his tongue for maybe ten more minutes before getting himself kicked. We attempt to start the third match in the best of three when this happens.

    For shame...

    I'm not completely innocent in this. I got pretty annoyed when VetonB kept killing T2D members outside of duels and trasktalking them nonstop. T2D was only there to support me and didn't exactly bring any sort of A team. In any case, the trashtalking was completely unnecessary and it is now a rule at the tournaments. Nothing in /l or /s. Control yourselves! I want these tournaments to be a fun atmosphere. Stroking your ego is not worth bringing the whole attitude of the tournament down especially when you're already on the winning team...

    Then Vendetta show up! Quite a turn of events. When all the silliness is dealt with we finally decide to finish the best of 3 (222). The Randoms come out on top! We then let Vendetta face Envy to finish the winner bracket (just slide them in like they were there the whole time, no one will notice). This fight happens at 227:30. Envy goes up 2-0 and Vendetta moves down to the lower bracket to face the Randoms because T2D had to leave (238:30). In the first fight I forgot to join a team and didn't know who was who. Next fight looks a lot cleaner and the Randoms go up 2-0!

    The Final Battle! Envy vs... the underdog RANDOMS TEAM!! (Irvi, PremordialGod, Looneybin, Hedert07, Ozran)!

    Overall it was a fun event full of drama and surprise entrances and exits! I learned a lot to make the event run more smoothly also! I have made a to do list for before and after each fight so that things will go quicker. Before each fight: Join a team, turn off music, change title, announce stream and rules, mount. After the fight: turn on music, start a 3 minute timer until next fight, leave team (if necessary) announce winner in local, twitter, and twitch, change overlay standings/score. I will also bring a repair station.

    A couple new rules!
    No trashtalking in local or /s.
    NO FOOD (it was a hassle).
    I can't stop people from using potions, HOWEVER, we will NOT be waiting for pot CDs.
    No killing outside of the organized fights or duels.
    Teams need to decide on a team name at the beginning.

    I will continue practising giving commentary, but since the fights (as of right now) tend to be over in only a couple minutes, I think it would be too messy having more than one analyst at this time. Perhaps as time goes on and the events become bigger and teams are more even, fights will be long enough that having more than one analyst will make sense. However, because I have so many managerial duties to cover between games, I think it would be beneficial to have an analyst talk between fights, going over what just happened. Anyone interested can let me know and send an example of their commentary.


    I think I will run the same 5v5 Bo3 event this coming Saturday @2100 as well simply because I want to see if the changes I want to implement will be positive. Forum user "Blast204" has messaged me saying he wants to donate 100 MILLION silver to the next tournament, aka 20 million per person. Anyone interested in signing up, please let me know ASAP, because, as you could see, the later people are in telling me they're coming, the more delay there is on the tournament itself. I will also be setting up a youtube channel this week and hopefully will be able to make a clean video of all the matches instead of forcing people to jump around on a broadcast!

    This is my stream for those who want to follow for more Albion events! Either message on here, whisper "hoxenos" in Albion, email, or contact Hoxenos#0179 on Discord if you have any ideas about bettering the tournament, have more ideas for events, or want to help out in some way!

    I want to thank everyone again for making the first tournament the success it was. Thank you to all the teams sooo much! Thanks to Mojo especially, for bringing a bit more visibility and interest. Without Envy I'm not sure there would have been much interest at all. Thanks to my guild for letting us use the territory and for supporting my efforts. Thanks to La Croisade for bringing a good fight! Thanks to Vendetta, better late than never! And thanks to the Randoms for staying steadfast and putting on a great show!
    See everyone soon on the battlegrounds!!
    Sign up for the Grand Tournament! July 9 @2100, 5v5 Bo3 matches. Yellow zone. Rules on my forum post!
  • You should keep these events going even after the wipe, i'm sure there will be a few people like myself who can donate silver/prizes. That being said the first few weeks everyone will be to occupied but that gives you time to plan and organise some awesome events.

    It's also a really valuable option for new guilds to get PVP experience before entering the Outlands by facing out in some tournament based events.

    If you had the time/skills you could even set up a website where people can enter their teams into it although maybe i'm getting to far ahead now.

    Keep up the good work its nice to see people putting effort in this far into the beta.