Contagious Fire (Infernal Staff)

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    • Contagious Fire (Infernal Staff)

      Spell is greatly underpowered compared to sister skills of other .3 weapons, especially as compared to a frost staff, which brings much more utility . Infernal Staffs have pretty much the least utility in the game (it's like a ranged scythe).

      For having less DMG and Range than it's sister staff skills (like Ice Storm or enfeebling blades), it should:
      - Be instant cast
      - Have greater range (11m, up from 9, if you want to keep cast time)
      - Provide some sort of resistance/armor buff, since it provides zero other utility (like a snare for ice storm or debuff for enfeebling blades)...yet has damage inferior to both
      - Have a 20 second cooldown (down from 30, which is as the other, superior sister-staff skills)

      (cannot kill a pack of 700 hp mobs in one cast at 6.3 with cloth armor and legendary stick; Frost staff can do the same and more, capable of over 1k dmg to individual targets within one cast.

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    • Bergstein schrieb:

      I dont know what game you guys are playing, but fire staff is most op weapon in game, after halberd and warbow ofc.
      Your video doesn't exactly make your point for you, friendo. He dumped all three abilities that have a 30 second, a 10 second cooldown, and a baseline nuke,

      ...he did about 1350 damage while the receiving character did nothing (no defensives, no heal skills, no interrupts)
      ...and now gets to try and survive til cooldowns are up.
      ...and is using a T8 stick on a T6 target.

      *mocking sarcasm* Yeah man, that's some OP stuff. (But it sounds like anything beyond "fuzzy pillow" might be OP to you).

      What's more, the T7 'sister stick', glacial...if used properly (kiting).
      ...would land about a 1100 to 1300 in dmg from ice storm
      ...toss another 250 in there with frost bomb (though I prefer frost nova for root+insta)
      ...would be ripping nukes off at sub 1 second cast times.
      ...oh and snares/ not even the same order of magnitude on utility.

      Not to mention, one flame shield/frost shield, and all that "OP dot dmg" is poured right back at you, while your target is receiving half of it.

      SO...your point again?

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    • For starters, this is in a yellow zone where gear is basically capped at the same tier.

      Secondly, this is on a single target, without the passive proc DoT.

      The passive DoT can proc from any damage tick. It also can re-proc from itself and potentially keep reapplying.

      Now, the E (30 second cooldown) ability lasts for 8 seconds and applies a dot (even on the last tick) which applies a dot. You see where i am going i assume...

      That's not to mention the other two abilities Q and W, that have their own DoT and also apply the somewhat infinite passive.

      For a frost staff to be anywhere close in damage, you would need to be consistently landing your frostbomb / root on a high number of targets. You also kinda need a choke to make blizzard useful.

      On the other hand, simply casting contagious fire has huge value, as it applies not only the Dot from the spell itself but also applies the passive at any time during the 8 seconds.

      In my opinion, its the highest and most reliable damage source for large group fights.
    • Lol wtf did I just read.

      The W alone on that staff can take a direwolf from 100% to 30% with the burn passive. In the yellow zone when both parts are flagged (which means it deals less damage). Not to mention you can't mount while taking damage. The burn from a full combo will most likely be 10-15 seconds and literally takes you from 100% to 0% with no counter other than heals. It also takes about 30% health from anyone being affected by the AoE spread. Pretty much the only counter is an interrupt, which can be quite messy in a team fight, or I guess as you mentioned if you cast it on a fire shield (i'd suggest looking for another target than the tank, atleast until you know what his R is).

      Comparing .3 frost to .3 fire is not the answer. If you're trying to solo a dungeon maybe, but both are pretty amazing in PvE anyways. Don't run in to an ice storm unless you have very good reasoning. I never understood how people get caught in those anyways.
    • Yeh alot of these heavy burst weapons need to be changed atm its just not working the way they are set-up if you compare like the .1 bow the .3 fire staff to lets say the cursed staff the cursed staff starts off with minimal damage and then works its way into the heavy damage thats what is making it balanced but these other weapons are like 2-3 seconds and half your hp is gone and its almost impossible to out play these 2 burst types without a counter like iceblock even trying to run away after engaging the dync in game you can be running away and the person is nailing you completely off screen well with the .1 bow anyways desync happens alot with melee as well you cant get a Q off on the cursed without being hit even though your not that close....the fire staff has so many dots on you that even if you were to kill the player your most likely going to die from dots....

      But im just waiting to see what happens when they start balancing these weapon tier wise .1.2.3 ect
      alot of weapons also need a revamp with all these arma changes they completely messed up the longbow they nerf weapons so people dont play them I swear.... claws is another one trick pony got ganked on my horse a few times dead in a few seconds stuns are really bugged as well with desync they should really look into the mechanics of the game desync seems like a big issue now that i think about it.
    • The staff is good but its good because its a fire staff and has all the fire staff abilities, the E however is probably the weakest E in terms of what it accomplishes. On a solo target the E simply does not do enough damage and therefor should be expected that to make the dmg be onpar with the other staff's you must hit multiple enemies with it. People now know how the effect works and usually either run away if they have it on them or you can purge it so that it does not spread onto others. I would like to see a small buff on it, maybe to reveal invis players that are touched by it or maybe something like reduce enemies incoming damage by x while contagious fire is active on the target, something along those lines would not make it super strong, but add usefulness to it.
    • @Gank
      Positing why you make statements both clarifies your logic and helps those whom you think are not taking the right approach. This particular build I use to sneak into blue dungeons solo and make quite a bit of silver. As I use iceblock on my head piece as well as shield run on my boots i have lots of movement and defense. This enables me to thrive and survive. Whats non functional about that?
    • EricWer schrieb:

      @BRiCK hmm what's your point?
      I'm just saying that Contagious Fire is cleansable (when someone casts spell 'cleanse' on the target that has Contagious Fire it cancels the spell). And making it not cleansable might make it more relevant than it is right now.
      My point was it is viable and should still be cleansible...

      If you remove the ability to cleanse that, then you gotta remove the ability to cleans every other E ability...
    • @BRiCK should still be cleansible because... you can still see the visual effects while ppl are invisible? Hmm? I can't really understand what you're trying to explain...the situation you're presenting people can still cleanse it. And what I'm saying is to not let people cleanse it (buff :) ).

      If it becomes not cleansable... then they gotta make every one E ability not cleansable? Hmm why? Is it a rule?
      And btw, a curious thing... the tooltip of the cleanse spell says it can't remove damage over time spells... like Contagious Fire ^^ so it might be a bug?