Pet System

  • So I wanted to bring up a possible idea for the game creators (after they work on more important game mechanics and such).

    So, as background, I have played multiple MMOs and i always enjoyed it when things were added mostly for asthetics. .. the biggest thing to me were the inclusion of pets!

    I always enjoyed collecting/breeding/raising/running around with them! To me, it brought way more immersion to the game.

    So, my idea for Albion Online would be to incluse this type of experience!

    Different pets could be found, and with the inclusion of biomes and such, the animals can be specific to certain regions.

    Possibly implementing a rare food drop system in order to tame the pets!

    After getting a pet, I think it would be great to also have an area in your private island where they can just be let free (at least able to see them).... i would love to start a zoo! Lol

    Anyways, just rambling about some stuff! Let me know what you guys think