Castle Sieges: A Begginer's Guide

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  • Castle Sieges: A Begginer's Guide

    Beginner's Guide

    Castle sieges are a big part of Albion, and as it stands, I have a lot of newer players ask me what a ‘castle siege’ is, or why we partake in them. So this quick little guide should shed some light on the subject and open newcomers up to castles…and sieging them.

    Currently, the world of Albion has three (3) castles on each continent, making a total of six (6). These are Cedarfort, Bonefort, Steelfort, Raven Rock, Redwood, and Gloomwatch. They are always located in a red zone (if you are attacking or defending one, be sure to remember you are putting your gear on the line).

    The only thing you need to bring is your gear, and a “Demolition Hammer”. I would also advise bringing at least two (2) health or energy potions, and definitely make sure you eat a decent food for the impending fight. As for non-material things, try and get with your guild or alliance and discuss a strategy you think might be applicable for the location and who you’re up against. I’ve seen some very interesting strategies over the course of my playtime.

    Anyone and everyone in the world of Albion can participate in a castle siege.

    Your typical siege will take around thirty (30) minutes without opposition. However, fighting will dramatically increase the amount of time it takes to finally win ownership of the castle. When taking a castle, it is broken down into three (3) stages:
    • The first demolition hammer to hit one of the outer gates will generate a message for the defending guild, and alert them that their castle is under attack. After the outside door has been destroyed, you must defeat the T4 guards that are present to defend the castle.

    • Fifteen (15) minutes after the guards are defeated the castle’s T6 elite guards will spawn to defend it. Shortly before spawning, the attackers and defenders will receive a notice about the elite guards.

    • Fifteen (15) minutes after the elite guards are defeated the castle lord will spawn in the center of town; he is the ‘end boss’ here. It is also good to note that control of the castle will go to the guild whose member gets the ‘last hit’ on the castle lord. Shortly before spawning in, the attackers and defenders will also receive notice about the castle lord.

    Castle ownership (depending on the guild) can be short-lived or last weeks. They can be taken back immediately after being captured, which makes them extremely volatile (much more so than a territory).

    Castles spawn a chest once every eight (8) hours, [0:00][08:00][16:00] UTC. At these times the chest can be looted by the owner which will net them roughly one million silver, and a relic. So a castle owner, who is able to be at the castle for each chest, may make upwards of three million silver per day. Castles aren’t usually taken for their benefits, however, with many more efficient ways of accumulating silver. It usually boils down to wanting larger-scale PvP in the open world.

    Thank you all again for reading, if I have made ay mistakes in my work please let me know and I will correct it.

    -Your Community Brope