How much to travel there?

  • How much to travel there?

    Since this newest update it is impossible to travel anywhere with any sort of items to sell and hope to have any chance at making a profit Here is a example dressed in a T8 bag T8 Ox and nothing in my inventory used to cost roughly 3,500 silver from Smoky Bay to Kingspool and now after the update same trip under same conditions that very same trip is 189,000 silver. now I know I can walk from that 1 town to the next but that is just a example. Now if I have mats to go sell or armor or weapons food even I now have all that travel cost to add on to my price when placing it on the auction house. Well now that my list price is 10x more then anything else on the market how the hell I am supposed to sell there? There is no reason to go farm in red and black zones anymore even if I manage to survive harvesting the mats long enough to get them back to a town you can no longer get them to your home island or guild island because by the time you pay the fee there is no way to recover that silver on anything you could possibly sell from the mats you just got.Its costing me 100s of thousands of silver to go gather mats in the red/black zones. That isn't talking about my gear costs and all that it is only talking about the price of moving my mats. Its clear someone goofed up on the math when figuring this formula out so I was wondering how soon can we expect a fix to this blunder?
  • I checked with other guild mates and found out the outrageous cost is due to increased costs regarding mounts themselves.
    Materials or equip by themselves don't warrant higher costs as far as I noticed, but mounts, especially high tier ones, make an uber difference
    (and btw the cost of rerolling mounts has also been greatly increased)