Angepinnt Forum Banter Rules (Updated)

  • Forum Banter Rules (Updated)

    Hi there, welcome to Albion Online's Forum PvP!

    Rules on general conduct in this forum will be more lax than in other forum sections, as it is meant to foster healthy competition - thus, swearing and flaming will generally be permitted. However, the following rules must be adhered to at all times. Users found to be in breach of the rules will be warned, and repeat offenders will be banned from the forum.

    General rules:

    - Please exclusively use the English language
    - You may not impersonate any moderator or administrative staff, or another forum user
    - Bad language is permitted but you may not use racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise bigoted slurs under any circumstances
    - You also may not link to material which is of a racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise bigoted nature
    - You may not discuss a player's personal beliefs or faith
    - Keep discussion of real life politics, religion, current affairs etc. to a bare minimum
    - You may not promote or condone illegal activities or substances
    - You may not publicly accuse other players of cheating, hacking, duping etc. either in game or on the forums. All reports of cheating are to be discussed privately with mods
    - You may not post material or link to material of a sexual or pornographic nature
    - You may not discuss the trading of alpha/beta accounts
    - Keep the aggression in the game. Any threat of violence or incitement of violence against another user IRL will be taken extremely seriously, and may result in an immediate ban.
    - You may not post content or link to content not directly related to Albion Online. An off topic forum can be found here
    - You may not under any circumstances post containing or linking to executable files.

    If you reproduce content found on another guild's forum or other platforms:

    - Ensure content relates directly to guild operations and espionage. You may not reproduce conversations about personal matters, or indeed any content which does not directly relate to the game
    - Do not under any circumstances reproduce content found on or related to the user's social media profiles or other sensitive information. This includes but is not limited to photographs, real names, or contact details such as email or postal addresses or phone numbers. Instances of this will be seen as a threat and may incur an immediate ban.

    If you have issues or would like to report content:

    Please go to mods in the first instance if there are any reports of cheating, offensive material or other content which does not adhere to these rules. You can "report" a post by hovering over the post with your cursor and clicking the "report content" triangle, or by directly messaging a mod using the "Conversations" tab. Do not attempt to backseat-moderate.

    Mods will be as hands-off as possible in this forum, but it has a limit. In case of multiple violations, after several warnings, administrators and moderators can restrict a user’s access for a period of time.

    Have fun! :evil: