Glitched Graphics on Android Client

  • Glitched Graphics on Android Client

    System:Lenovo Yoga 2 Android Tablet(fully updated and meets or exceeds all Albion Online Minimum system requirements)

    Issue: By logging out of the game, immediately clicking the area the login button should be, and then immediately clicking the Start/Enter button, there exists a chance that the graphics will glitch. The chance seems greatest if you enter the gameworld before the character screen loads. During this issue, all players and buildings are not visible, but all menus are functional and feed silver on buildings are shown. Opening the world map or moving to another region clears the graphics glitch, however, once the main graphics issue is resolved, I notice my game client is zoomed out farther than is normally possible/allowed. This secondary zoom issue remains regardless of changing zones.

    Repeatable: Yes, I have experienced this issue 3 times in a 15 - 20 minute span. The first picture is on my level 6 island and features a Tier 2 Lumberfill and Tier 2 Smelter. The second picture is from the square of Queens market.

    Severity: Hmm, lower. Can be self-healing except for the zoom