Vault Hunters Recruiting!

  • Vault Hunters Recruiting!

    Vault Hunters is recruiting new members! Basic information about the guild:
    Guild Founders: Happyshinobi, 0nyx, Kabjo
    Creation date: 4/2/16

    -We are still very new! Active, committed players to the guild will not be unnoticed!
    -The guild island is currently located in Tormouth, this is where we will be working from. It is still being constructed, any help put into it will be appreciated!
    -Due to our size and age we are not PVP focused, currently PVE focused.
    -We are est/crl timezone based.
    -New players are especially welcome!
    -Most of our members currently use/harvest up to t4 equipment/resources

    If you want more information/interested post on this thread or contact 0nyx, Kabjo, or myself in-game and we'll get you set up.

    Long-term goal: We are still discussing a planned vision for the guild, currently toying with the idea of being a newbie-focused guild, taking territories as we grow larger and more capable
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