Flat Tier Crossbow is UP

    • Flat Tier Crossbow is UP

      SUBJECT/HEADER: Flat Tier Crossbow is UP

      DESCRIPTION: The Spell Snipe Shot does not do enough damage compared to the other crossbow E abilities.

      URGENCY: Not Urgent. Just a balancing issue in the crossbow tree which is why there are not many flat tier crossbow users in the game.

      For this comparison, I will be comparing the T6 flat crossbow, 5.2 Heavy Crossbow, and the 4.3 Repeating Crossbow. The E ability on the flat crossbow is a single target high damage ability called Snipe Shot. On the T6 flat crossbow the damage is 1038 with a 3 second cast time. The 5.2 Heavy Crossbow's E ability is Exploding Shot which initially hits for 166 and places a detonating explosion that explodes after a few seconds for 556 damage to all enemies in a 5 meter radius from the person who has the explosion on them. If Exploding shot hits no one except the person that it is cast on, then it does a total722 damage with a 1 second cast time, If the explosion hits even one other person it hits for a total damage of 1278 (on a one second cast time). Compared to the flat tier crossbow this is much better because, firstly, the cast time is 1/3 of the time (2 seconds less) which allows for the user to be doing dps for an extra 2 seconds with, lets say, auto-fire which shoots the dps way over snipe shot and flat tier crossbow. Now for the 4.3 Repeating Crossbow the ability is called Sweeping Bolt and hits for 540 on an instant cast time to all enemies in a line. This means that if you hit 2 people with it, it does 1080 damage on an instant cast time. This leaves 3 seconds of time to do dps whereas the flat tier crossbow would still be casting snipe shot.
    • GentleMoth schrieb:

      Snipe deals its damage in PvE before the monster aggros, wich is considered instant. that fact allowes you to kill stronger mobs way easier/with less damage taken than the .2 and .3 version of the weapon.

      Not all weapons branches are created equal for PvP, but every weapon has its place to be used in.
      I agree, It has its uses, I apologize for not specifying that this comparison was strictly for PvP. However, from a PvE standpoint I believe it could still use a slight buff as most maps where people train on have more than one mob in the packs making AoE superior over single target damage.