Cador: change in philosophy?

  • Cador: change in philosophy?

    Balance between T.1/.2/.3 medium and light armor
    The idea of a gradual increase in %dmg/%spell along the medium and light armor’s line seems a good one, and increasing armor/magic resistance in an opposite way help motivate the use of .1 tier armor.
    %Dmg/%spell: T.1 < T.2 < T.3 Resists: T.3 < T.2 < T.1 %energy regen bonus: T.1 < T.2 < T.3

    Now another stat that may be under looked is the new +% energy regen bonus. This one increase the same way as %dmg/%spell does, so using T.3 gear makes you cast better spells AND regain your energy faster. So one basically face this situation where using T.1 is making no sense, as it dampers the power of every spell cast AS WELL as your ability to cast them, as you will more likely go out of energy. It sorts of make you a ‘’spectator’’ as it hinders what you can effectively do in a battle.

    Logically, one should face these questions.
    Do I want every of my abilities to have more impact at the risk of being out of energy faster?
    Should I give up effectiveness to be able to sustain a longer, harsher fight?
    A simple fix would be to reverse the %energy regen bonus across the armor’s line, so that using T.1 would make you cast spells with less effect but for a longer period of time before running out of energy. Using T.3 would give you the highest DPS possible at the actual cost of Armor/Magic resistances and energy regen, which would emphasize your choice as being more or less ‘’glass-canon’’.

    *Simple fix* %energy regen bonus: T.3 < T.2 < T.1
    For example, the plate line follows this logic: T.1 has greater DPS, less Resists and %energy regen whereas T.3 has less DPS, greater Resists and %energy regen.

    As of now, going T.3 still seems to be the way to go as one sacrifices some resistances for greater DPS/heal AND energy sustainability; T.3 gear is better in every PVE and PVP aspects of the game. Reversing the %energy regen bonus across light and medium armor’s line would actually make one choose between DPS/heal effectiveness and sustainability in both tankiness and energy regen.

    When we are at it, something boggle my mind. Why someone who wear plate all day long would regenerate his energy slower than someone who were plain cloth? Should not it be the other way around? As this %energy regen bonus is a newly added concept, why not apply it logically? If the pure DPS clothies run out of energy too quickly, balance it by reducing mana cost of the appropriate spell; I am pretty sure this would fix tank running out of energy too quickly.
    Your full T.3 tank should be able to assume his leadership role, maintaining his abilities, his presence, for longer in battle…

    About effectiveness
    Let define effectiveness in Albion Online. To do so, we have to use a ‘’scientific’’ way of explaining things.
    1. First, what we have is a Force term; that is YOU casting a spell (let use 100 dmg for example).
      If it takes YOU 1 second to cast that particular spell, you are doing 100 DPS.
      So that: DPS = Force / time or DPS = Damage / casting time
    2. Now comes the second term, which is Work; that is the energy cost of YOU casting that particular spell over a definite period of time.
      So that: Work = Force * Time
      which gives you Joules (work) which are Watt (force)* second (time).
      In Albion Online, we could see Work as the energy cost of a particular spell and Force as the damage of it.
      So that: Work (Energy Cost) = Force (Dmg) * Casting Time (second)
      What it really means is that casting a stronger spell will cost you more energy over the same period of time. So basically, you run out of energy faster, but you have a greater impact (DPS/heal burst) in battle.
    3. Now finally and nonetheless, our final term, Effectiveness. That would be the Work term per unit of time. In other words, you are spamming the same spell non-stop until you run out of energy.
      So that: Effectiveness = Work / unit of time.
      Depending on the window of time at which you look at Effectiveness, your spec may seem more or less effective according to the situation. Damage over time spells like Blizzard may not seem that effective over 1 second, but it becomes more effective when you look at it over 5 seconds. It’s the same with heals or High DPS skills with longer CDs.
    With that in mind, your Sustainability at keeping up that said Effectiveness depends on your total energy pool, your energy regen, the damage you take (resistance) and your cooldown reduction.
    A last word on effectiveness, popping a cooldown SHOULD increase your effectiveness during that period of time (not like reducing Spell power to increase Cast speed *cough* T.1 light chest).

    About Ambush, the stacking buff is a good idea, but you can NOT use it to cast anything other than insta cast, in other words it kills any chance of a well-placed Explosive Bomb (T.2 Crossbow) or a deadly, well anticipated Snipe Shot (T.1 Crossbow).
    If two partners, one channeling Invisibility (Medium Boot) goes stealth mode, wait in the middle of the road and place a Bear Trap (T.2 Medium Helm) on someone riding past him. That first Snipe Shot from Ambush coming from the other partner could really open some new and interesting paths.
    Think of a larger group, including melee, healer or mage giving up some ability power in order to become more ‘’effective’’, if their well-prepared ambush work according to the plan.
    Risk vs Reward, that’s all Albion Online is about, NO?
    Just my two coins.