Albion World Landscape Creation

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  • Albion World Landscape Creation

    The new world landscape idea is really great. It makes sense how the Albion world is being build up (= first simplistic and basic, later bigger and more detailed).

    But of course at one point 'it wouldn't hurt the game', if it was one unique landscape in stead of 'a lot of squares.'

    But then one has to know about the does and don't of the game.

    Is it intended to add mountains at one point? Different weather conditions? Birds?

    Has the decision been made that the cam position will always stay the current 'locked cam position'?

    What I would suggest for landscape building = first create the world map and later add the zones to that.

    For a 'most natural look' I would add everything in natural order.
    = Use the development of the Earth to figure out what part of the Albion world landscape you want to add first.

    At the very least, make the world landscape first (ocean, sea, land, mountains, terrain level etc.). Add nature after that (grass, sand, snow, rivers, lakes, caves, trees, plants, mine resources, animals, weather condition/conditions etc.). Add 'morgana's army' after that (morgana buildings, army etc.). Add the human civilization after that (map entrances, roads, walls, buildings, humans etc.). For a most natural look.. start building the human civilization from where human settlers hit the Albion Online shores.

    I could go more in detail.. but this will do for now.

    Let's Make Albion Legendary. just somerandom