Flail Fail

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    • First the most obvious problem, purely aesthetic, the chain on the flail. OK, got that out of the way.
      Work up to the Flail, the Mace line feels like an anti-mage/caster weapon, which I like. The single target "E" of the one handed mace, that did damage and silenced was well balance, with the damage, cooldown and the silence duration. The Heavy Mace felt the same in terms of balance and usefulness, it is AoE, does no damage, but has a shorter Cooldown.
      Now the Fail Flail.
      The "E" on this thing is kinda redundant in a way, yes knockback and silence are two different things, lets think in terms of the feel of the mace line, anti-mage.
      Short Knockback are typically used for interrupts. Not hurling your target into your team.
      The Silence Duration, in pve, is decent against normal mobs, but against Veteran or Higher and its just another Interrupt. This is true for pvp as well, as anyone with t5 gear or higher will have enough cc resist to make the silence short live, and thus only useful as an Interrupt.
      My Suggestion is to change the "E" to a single target attack like the one handed mace, only it also knocks the target back, this way you can only use it on one person but you can make the knockback further, and the silence duration longer.
    • I agree that the flail is fairly weak sauce for a .3 weapon, and there's really nothing it does that a .2 weapon can't do better. The "E" ability gives you 5 single-target knockbacks with a short silence, and it's on a 30 second cooldown. Well...why not just use an iron-clad and knock everyone back (and it's on a 20 second cooldown).

      One idea that would bring it in line with similar CC-focused weapons (and give it some uniqueness): make it a focused AE stun. It would be similar to the iron-clad's focused AE knockback, except that it would cause a 1-second stun on hit (instead of a knockback). This would make it useful in a group when you want to stop multiple targets from doing what they're doing; but you don't necessarily want to knock them all over the map.
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    • I Had A thought on what the "E" to the Flail could be, a channeled attack that does what the e does now on it's a Skill Shot, and the character automatically advances with each Attack, could even give it a short AoE range, melee range cone in front of the user, this way the effect has more challenge to use to it's fullest, and it improves it's usefulness, with out making it op.