suggestion for territory conquering.

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  • suggestion for territory conquering.

    Not sure everyone's thoughts on this subject.

    I do a lot of gvg matches. we win a lot of gvg matches. but after we take over a territory this is when the real fight begins.


    the fight bewteen who can drop and reclaim their territory the most times to switch times on it in order to attack back on a negative , or be attacked on another plot.

    to me this is a waste of time, and an exploit of game mechanics.

    i literally seen 2 guilds yesterday drop and reclaim 15 times in a row in order to try and get the latest time on their territory!

    15 times!!!

    my suggestion is simple. make it so after a territory has been involved in a gvg give it a timer where that territory cannot be dropped for a certain period of time.

    If we wanted to play ping pong, well i guess that's the point, i dont want to play ping pong , because of game mechanics , i want to conquer. :thumbsup: :!:

    or make it so a territory that lost a battle only cannot drop and change times for a period of time.

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  • or make it so a territory can only be claimed once a day by a guild so if they conquer it they can't even drop it and reclaim.

    or..if they drop territory goes to nearest other guild no matter how many map tiles away it is ^^ plus above ^^ making it impossible to exploit system with 2nd guild that you move between.

    lots of ways to fix it hard part is figuring out how to program it.
    HCN wrote:
    While I do agree with you (I miss the good old days of UO when we didn't have to deal with the instant-gratification-cry-baby generation)