Morgana and Merlin Comeback?

  • Morgana and Merlin Comeback?

    Do you think we can expect some Merlin and Morgana things happen in the future?

    I mean, in the Lore they only say that Merlin "vanishes" and that Morgana gets taken away as the demons go.

    As the battle reaches its most frenetic, the ritual begins and Merlin takes Excalibur and shatters it.
    The resulting explosion kills most of the knights on both sides,
    and casts the demons back across the void; they drag a screaming Morgana with them as they go.
    Merlin himself vanishes, the oldest of the giants return to the earth and all of Albion is shrouded in mist,
    sealing it off from the rest of the world.
    Most of the continent starts to recover except for the places where the rituals magic was most powerful.

    But Morgana had one last trick to play. As she realised her doom was imminent, she ordered one of her high priestesses to flee,
    taking with her a trove of secret knowledge and her newborn, in the hopes that they would one day return to Albion and find a way to bring her back.

    What if Merlin found a spell to make him not aging, or that the newborn of Morgana and her high priestess found a way to get Morgana back?

    The ancient secrets they took with them are locked in an old library and forgotten about.

    What if Merlin manages it to get into the library and steel all the ancient spells or even Morgana gets back and gets into it?

    I hope the Devs are adding some serious Lore-Dungeons with known characters from the Lore or something like that to the game.. :thumbsup:
    Suppose they gave a war and no one came
    Then the war comes to you
    whoever stays at home when the fight begins, must be prepared
    as those, who don't share the fight, will share the defeat.