Disappointed with the support

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  • Disappointed with the support

    Since the day before yesterday I'm trying to change my email account,
    The reason is that i cant use the email for games
    It is an email that I can only use for the company that work,
    When I created the account I was not working and there would normally use, but now i cant
    I did everything I support asked me to prove that I was indeed the owner of the account, such as a photo of my Driver License, paypal Transaction ID, my full name..
    But when it came to the KYC I believe is the support that drives these changes, simply they said they would not do.
    The only reason it seems to me is that I am Brazilian
    I did everything that them asked me,
    The only thing I want is to be able to play but I need to change my email to achieve this,
    Why something so simple is causing me so much trouble?
    i paid 99$ here in brazil it's 400 Reais,
    This a lot of money!
    For example the minimum wage in brazil is 880,00
    I spent half of minimum wage here with this game because i want to play!
    Please someone that is able to help me with this issue, help me!