Looking for EU guild: Crafter>PvE>PvP

  • Looking for EU guild: Crafter>PvE>PvP

    Updated: looking for medium-sized pvp guild and to be involved in all aspects of the game.

    Hi all,

    We are two players pretty new to Albion. We've been into mmo's in the past including PvE, PvP. We are coming back to this after a year or two out of action and are enjoying things so far.

    Currently in tier 3 gear, one dps and one healer. Since we always play as a duo I tend to play healer as we find this combo nicer to play. We went into a tier 4 dungeon and could kill the small groups of mobs and single elites (veterans?).

    We've set ourselves up with player islands at Seven Spires. We've been working on building there and collecting enough mats to upgrade the buildings, since we are now outgearing the eastern camp crafting buildings and don't want to pay extortionate rates for player-owned buildings in the city. In mmo's we are often really into the crafting side so want to make this side of things better for us.

    We're looking for a guild, partly as we realise that building stuff on player islands may not be as efficient as building/upgrading guild islands. Also would be great to have a bigger group to run dungeons, gather in the higher tier zones, and get into the pvp side that we haven't touched yet. Looking for a guild active in EU timezone evenings/weekends. English speaking.

    Let us know if your guild seems a good fit for us. I've browsed the forums here but haven't seen any of these guilds running in our part of Albion, so figured this post would help.

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  • the only guild based in your area is tyrants and i believe they are spanish. Aside from that you are looking at Amisbridge(everything town) or Boneharber(pvp town). Jackal is a pvp guild but we are looking for active crafters. From your description of what you want I would suggest looking into tyrants though. They are a zerg guild with lots of people not very skilled, but probably around the same skill level as you going into trying pvp.
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    While I do agree with you (I miss the good old days of UO when we didn't have to deal with the instant-gratification-cry-baby generation)
  • Alright then! I think we will be going it alone for the time being. We'll see how the pvp goes, we are just about set up to start getting into that. We used to be able to hold our own in mmo pvp so hopefully that is still applicable, if not then we will die and learn! We'll be looking for a medium-sized pvp guild that doesn't restrict us as we'll want to be involved in all aspects of the game. Will update the OP.
  • Hey man!

    I'm from the guild Brotherhood. We are a European based semi-hardcore guild. We are semi-hardcore because we want to play this game on a hardcore level, but we respect that people got stuff to do IRL. We are currently looking for active members that are willing to learn and grow. We are both active in PvE & PvP. Doing daily runs in both and also doing more scheduled things.

    If you are intressted about us, feel free to check our recruit page: Apply
    If you got questions about the guild, feel free to send a PM.

    Best regards