The spear update is a fail

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    • The spear update is a fail

      I been dueling around town with the spear and it's disappointing.
      The Spirit Spear Range increase doesn't help me at all versus melee players, reason being that when i activate spirit spear and slow the target i try to kite the enemy melee user by backing up and applying stacks of spirit spear from a distance sounds good but for some reason there is like a 1-2 second delay before you actually hit or you character doesn't run up to the target and hit him with the spirit spear when you hit the space bar.Then theres the skill Cripple , is it just me or wasn't this skill a instant cast, for a character that revolves on kiting i hate clicking on the enemy player to use a skill when i should click the opposite direction.Why do i have to manually click the target to activate a single target move when i already selected the target previously.Cripple should just run up to the target and cripple him , I shouldn't have to do unnecessary clicking. :cursing:
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    • I would feel much more comfortable if the Spear Pike and Halberd had a Passive range increase rather then the spell. I find it often leaves you out of combat as you stutter step trying to attack people at range as it struggles to determine if you are close enough as well as the animation of the spirit spear making the attack some times half cast then move again stopping the attack before range checking again to hit a player who is moving away. Also the constant refreshing of stacks in combat means you are always losing out on damage. The slow and run you have on W is now pointless as it stacks with nothing and doesn't get you any closer to closing the enemy now due to the range of Q spirit spear unless you ignore your target to run close in order to root smash.

      I am just struggling am I a Melee or am I a Ranged.
    • When i play with the pike i feel like a mage constantly spamming my Q and it has such a boring playstyle relying on auto attacks for 100% of the spear content,make it fun by adding attack speed and a better slow.If not why play a spear character? For the slow? Your more useful if you play a frost mage.Has a better slow that you don't need to build stacks for ,does waaay more dmg and guess what ,you can even kite with it.
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