Dagger Branch is Underpowered

  • basia wrote:

    perhaps lower the damage on the 3rd stack and increase the damage on the 2 stack? i'd gladly take the pve nerf for pvp buff
    Daggers suffer from the one-handed curse staff problem, but to a greater extent.

    Your first E is going to do no damage because the stacks will be cleansed, blocked, or invis'ed.

    Then you have to spend more time getting those stacks again without any mobility or surviability.

    It the stacks are switched to on the character, there is more choice/cc in our Ws , then we would be fine.

    Right now, Dagger Pair is beyond unplayable. It is so unfun that I would rather not play the game than play Dagger Pair

    The fact that there have been mechanical changes to Sword and Spear before Dagger has had a new ability only signals to me that this isn't even on the dev's radar.