Spear line bugs

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    • Spear line bugs

      Generic Spear skills

      Force Full Charge lists its energy cost as followed: Energy Cost: Energy Cost: 22 (Also this spell is never gonna be used imo cause the slow is identical to Q and its only 6% slow so yeah not worth it at all, if it could stack to 5 stacks of slow it may be worth it or it was a different slow effect than the Q might be worth it too but as it stand now its pointless and wont ever be used over Cripple of Forest of Spears xcept for harvesters for extra run away ability.

      Forest of Spears got a range increase but range is still shown as Melee

      Tier 4 spears no longer get cripple on there W slot
      Reckless Charge Says it does Maximum five charges: 449dmg (either Q spose to stack to 5 stacks instead or the Spell mislabled and spose 2 say 3 charges)

      Suffers same thing as Reckless Charge: Maxiumum 5 charges: 1050 dmg so again either misslabled or ur spose 2 get to 5 stacks
      Root duration is completly off aswell from what it says in the tooltip aswell.