Thanks for the Warm Welcome!

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    • Thanks for the Warm Welcome!

      Hi all,

      I just wanted to drop by and say thank you to everyone I met this weekend while I played Albion. MMO communities often get a bad reputation but after spending 15 hours or so with Albion i've had nothing but great times. I picked up Albion with a friend on Friday and began streaming it all weekend (RetroCrumpet). Within minutes we had people offering us silver and items to help us get started, we actually turned a lot of this down as we wanted to learn the ropes at first, but the helps and offerings came all weekend. Come last night we actually had horses, silver and a small group of 7 people who joined the game after watching it stream. We're all noobs, but we're all noobs together!

      I'm looking forward to playing Albion and being a part of this community for the forseeable future.

      Edit: Heh, I didn't actually introduce myself! I'm a 28 year old Scottish game developer, I work in Production and Marketing for a small indie team working on a PS4 title called Brut@l. I'm also a 12 year Ultima Online veteran.

      Thanks :D :love: