Test Server Bug Armor 4.3

  • Ferro wrote:

    Someone posted this yesterday:

    Leveling armors - weapons:
    Common (.0): you need to kill mobs 2 tier below . Ex: to use light T6 armor you need to kill mobs tier 4 or higher.
    Uncomon (.2): you need to kill mobs 1 tier below. Ex: to use light T6.2 armor you need to kill mobs tier 5 or higher.
    Rare (.3): you need to kill mobs of the same tier you want to leve up. EX: to use light T6.3 you need to kill mobs t6 or higher.

    So your T7.3 is considered like a T9 weapon.
  • Expert's Greataxe requires T4 currently and on the test server and on live. So there is no change there.

    The next problem is a Expert's Great Axe is still Tier 5 and Red. Thus it should be requiring Tier 3 mobs per the patch notes. Not based on the .x system.

    Currently in game for example all .1 .2 .3 require Tier 4 mobs for 5, 5.2, and 5.3 weapon leveling. So if they are reduced by two tiers we should see that different on the .2 and .3 on test, but this is not the case..

    .2 and .3 require the same tier mobs across that tier because as you progress into .2 and .3 the materials are rarer to find. That is the difference in the weapon not the fame tier required as can be shown historically just by looking on the live server.

    This is a bug.
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  • The base would still be T4, but that's the point. There is no reason to even do this if all this does is allow the base level armor to be leveled to T6 without going into red, and the weapon one level. It should be changed across the board as .1 .2 and .3 always required the same tier of mobs across the tier item.

    Edit: Example to make it easier to understand.
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