Suggestion for inventory organization

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  • Suggestion for inventory organization

    Throught my time playing Albion, I've noticed how often I access my inventory, my bank, my shop, etc. Each time i do this, i have to click and drag over and over. This became tedious and annoying. It would be nice to have a shift-click or right-click option to have the items switch open storage windows automatically.

    On a similar topic, the organization of items in any storage area is extremely dificult and if i want to change how a box is organized, i haveto manually move every item. Also, if i have several seperate stacks of the same item, i have to find all of them and manually combine the stacks. I would like to see an "organize" or "consolidate" button, which automatically groups all all like items together in as few stacks as possible. And maybe a button to organize the items by material, tier, or alphabetically.

    Thanks so much!
    ~ Grahnath
  • Yes, I very much agree. The drag and drop aspect in all facets of the game is OBNOXIOUS. There is nothing wrong with using good aspects of another game <cough> Runescape right-click <cough>. +1 to the organize feature cause I'm way too OCD not to have my bank organized and I use up a lot of my game time making it nice and neat and even more when I change how I want it organized... As another suggestion PLEASE add a repair all ffs :( and don't drop an item out of the repair section if I switch to reforge...