Combat fame needs to be rescaled

  • Combat fame needs to be rescaled

    Combat fame is completely out of balance with crafting/gathering. Right now you can unlock all the riding skills in less than a day through gathering but to unlock them with fighting would take weeks. In fact if you do the maths, you will unlock T7.4 at about the same time you get to ride a T8 mount.

    Maybe with Korn's bullshit estimates of 84k fame per hour it seems "balanced" but in the real world no one farms anywhere near 84k combat fame an hour.

    All you have to do is multiply combat fame gains and requirements by 3 or 4. It will still be worse than gathering by probably an order of magnitude but at least it won't be as ridiculous.
    I guess you could say, it might be suggested, some argue, it's been hinted, that EoS wins again.