Multiple Suggestions

  • Multiple Suggestions

    Hello there. i don't know if some of this suggestions already exist, but its always good to put them up, so here we go.


    1- Repair All or Repair all Equipment button on the repair station - I think this is a most have since everytime you die in a yellow/green zone u will lose a lot of durability.

    2- Quick Stacking / Quick Item moving - Like in many other game Shift + Click the item and it will instantly move to your Bank.

    3- Item Linking on chat - Just for those who like to sell items in private.

    4- Add tabs on the auction house - Like in some games, the auction house has Tabs (Tab 1, 2, 3 ,4 ,5 etc..)

    5- A Bid and Buy Now option in the Auction house. - Who doesn't like a bit of lucky gamble.


    1-There's a bug where you stay invisible, i can't reproduce it at my own will sadly :S.

    2- Ashlake Has a Fiber Farm, not a Wood Farm (Wrong icon) -
    With Best Regards

    Nuno "SilentNJ" Jesus
  • I believe item 1 is already planned in a future patch.

    The bidding aspect at the auction house could be pretty cool, but why would people want to use this feature as opposed to the current system? It's mostly confusion from not understanding what you're suggesting fully, I think. Are you that desperate (as the seller) to get rid of the item so you put it in there? Are you bidding on something random (as the buyer), and you could get a really good deal or a horrible one based on luck?

    That's funny about the wrong icon at Ashlake, I never noticed that.