Seperate LP for combat and crafting

  • Seperate LP for combat and crafting

    Currently in Albion every guild is making a ton of crafter alts so that their main characters do not lose LP for those skills.
    Imo this makes no sense from player point of view, since why would the game encourage players to create alt chars which sole purpose is to craft?

    Why can't we just get seperate LP for combat and crafting skills, or just remove all possibilities of opening crafting / gathering etc. with LP?
    I get that theres some possibility of the devos making more $ by forcing players to create additional chars just for crafting due to how LP is obtained, but this method just seems like a huge inconvenience for the players. Imo the age of forcing alts in a game is so 90's mmo in a bad way.

    My suggestion is to just create a seperate LP system for combat (weapons, armors) and crafting / gathering. It would make a lot more sense. Basicly the LP opening for gathering, crafting and refining are currently only "newbie traps" for wasting LP.
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