Healing is bugged!

  • Healing is bugged!

    I posted this in alpha and it did not get fixed. I didn't choose to go healing this time because its still broke. So whats wrong? Two issues, control bugs, and inconsistent control schemes.

    First is that I setup my skills so 1 2 3 4 5, target party members 1 (self), 2 (2nd person), etc. The problem is every time I log out the game the controls do not save. Then I end up forgetting this and getting in a situation where I can't heal myself or the 1st party member. See screenshots below.

    Here you can see my setup with 1 2 3 4 5.

    Now after closing the client and logging back in I see the following screenshot.

    So every time I go to play the game I have to setup controls again. Extremely frustrating.

    The second issue is the inconsistent control scheme when healing. Please note with my controls selected above the following is true.

    Example 1
    3 q 4 q 3 q 3 q

    This does the following, selects 2nd (really 3rd) party member and uses the base heal, selects the 3rd party member and casts a heal, selects the 2nd party member and casts a heal, selects the 2nd part member and casts a heal. So this is pretty obvious and extremely straight forward what is going on.

    Now lets examine what should happen with the following key sets which our above control scheme should be set to.

    Example 2
    3 q 4 q 1 q 3 q

    This should do the following but does not. Selects 2nd party member and uses a heal, selects 3rd party member and casts a heal, fails to select self and does not cast heal, selects 2nd party member and casts a heal. The problem is that the self target does not work the same way as skills work for everyone else. It's extremely odd and not intuitive since I've already shown that the keys should work in example 1.

    What is actually required if you want to heal yourself in the example two is the following keys which make it weird and clearly bugged as the keys should "work".

    3 q 4 q 1 q 1 3 q

    The above is actually the buttons required to heal yourself in that heal chain. As you can see even though keybind "1" should select myself and then hitting Q should cast heal on myself since I'm selected. This is not the case and only the above works.


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  • @Sabrina The control setting has been fixed by the patch. I figured it would be when I read the notes. There is still a problem with the control scheme during healing.

    In the example above I would hit "2" to select a player then "Q" to start the heal. If I hit "1" then "Q" this does not heal me. Yet this works for everyone else still except for yourself.
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