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  • About the Rants forum

    Hi all,
    • The purpose of this forum is to provide you with a place to express your dislike about parts of the game or to blow of steam.
    • The quality standards in this forum are lower than those in the feedback forum (quote for reference below)
    • However, please keep in mind that this is not a moderation free zone, our forum rules and general principles still apply.
    Your Albion Online Team

    Korn wrote:

    About the feedback forum
    • The goal of this forum is to support the continous improvement of Albion Online
    • Its goal is not to rage or blow of steam. Please use our Rants forum for that.
    • We read every single thread in the feedback forum, even if we do not reply to all of them
    • Your feedback is of tremendeous value in helping us to achieve this
    • This only works if the atmossphere in the feedback forum is constructive and productive
    • Make sure your feedback is written in a cool-headed and construtive manner. Be as detailed as possible
    • Make suggestions on how to improve the game. Be as detailed as possible
    Before you Post
    • Please read our backlog before posting.
    • See if there are existing discussion threads on the topic you want to talk about
    No-Gos in the feedback forum
    • Do not use overly dramatic headlines
    • Do not rage or rant
    • The feedback forum is no place for campaigning or politics: Do not repeatedly re-post the same statements as an attempt to sway/influence public opinion
    • Do not insult others
    If you want to blow of steam
    • We understand that Albion Online can be a very emotional game
    • We do not want to censor everybody that steps out of line
    • Therefore, we have created a new Rants sub-forum that you can use if you do not think that you can currently meet the standards of the feedback forums
    • Note: even the Rants forum has its limits, it is not a moderation-free zone