Suggestions for mainly PvP, but also some minor tweaks.

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  • Suggestions for mainly PvP, but also some minor tweaks.

    I have not played the game for too long, but these are a few changes i could see making it a great game!

    * Shouldn't be able to stack on each other. Body collision. Atleast to some degree, or in pvp zones only.

    * Shouldn't be auto target, auto attack. Make it so you have to press for every attack, or something similar to a moba. It should be rewarded moving while in combat.

    * More skillshot spells! And more spells that you can use! Perhaps weapon swap where it doesn't add a cooldown on all spells for 10 sec. Also adds higher risk vs reward thinking! Bring more gear into combat!

    * You dont see the name of enemy characters, or characters that are flagged for pvp. So you can sneak up on someone and perhaps even hide and escape in the trees.

    * Less flat silence spells, and instead interuppt skills.

    The game feels really really nice, and its fluent and responsive. The PvP could really be great, but it needs to add some more levels of skill before i could really enjoy it. These are just a few changes i think could help a little with that. I have not played that much, so perhaps i'm missing something, but i thought i'd try and give some ideas anyway!

    Some other issues me and my friends have had with the games:

    * A little more variation on the quest, especially in the start to draw players in. I personally dont mind it that much, but i can see it turning people away for sure.

    * Harvesting should perhaps only need one click, not 15 clicks to empty a reserve.

    * The ox should have its own inventory. As it is now, you wont be able to move even though your ox can take a lot more. It is still possible to continue harvest with mounting and dismounting close to sources though, but it is a hassle and i dont see the point for it. As it is now, there is little motivation to actually use the oxe over the horse for harvesting.

    * Perhaps a little bit better tutorial about crafting stations in the start. Rather straightforward, but I can see it being annoying for some.

    * Talent tree could use some extra information aswell, took me some time to figure it out.

    * Remove the cooldown penalty on spells for dismounting aswell. These kind of penalties only further lowers the skill in pvp and slows down the game.

    Thats about it. I just also want to add that I hope the developers realize that for a full loot pvp game like this, you shouldn't remove stuff that adds a higher level of skill and meta game in the favor of the more slow and average players. Thats how you ruin a perfectly good game. Instead of limiting players, add stuff that can be used in creative ways! Thats what is fun about these games. People will complain and call it broken, but thats just how it is, in the end that is what makes games great and they will love it aswell!