The gear system is flawed

  • The gear system is flawed

    I am aware the system is being reworked somehow, but a (quick) search did not yield results, so here are my toughts on the matter.

    I don't know how to make this any shorter.


    Tier x.1 < x.2 < x,3
    The numbers are currently very bad - if you are with a big guild or just rich enough, there is no reason to wear the x.1 stuff.
    Sure, right now you can get tier 6.1 but not even 5.2.
    But that is going to change eventually, and after a few moths/years in live, there will be no reason to wear x.1.

    I am currently wearing medium boots and chest and heavy helmet.
    It looks goofy.
    I will be stuck wearing the cloth helm with plate chest and boots.

    Due to the x.3 being vastly superior to x.1 (even T4.1 is as good as T5) there is no customisation. Everyone minaxing with the means to do so will just choose x.3.
    Diversity only in the spells people use, but other than that everyone looks the same.


    I believe I heard they are going to put all the leather armors in leather and so on.
    Meaning, heavy leather will be in the same tree as light leather. This is very good, it's very confusing and even frustrating if you wanted your character to wear plate but he ends up in cloth...
    The next step should be to make those armors EQUAL.
    I want to be able to CHOOSE between actual builds.
    Plate armor in general will always have the best defenses, but light plate has higher magic resist and MP regeneration.
    Heavy plate has more armor and HP.
    Medium plate is inbetween the two.
    The 3 paths for light, mediium, heavy are separate, so you have to invest in either one to get the higher tier stuff, so there is still a lot of progression (and grinding..) needed.
    Now I have actual freedom of choice.

    X.2 and X.3 should not be own cathagories, but better versions of the same.
    4.1 Plate for exemple uses regular T4 Iron and Leather, while 4.3 uses Runes, Gems and Rare versions of the materials.
    Crafting a regular T4 gets you progress to T4.1 and T5.
    T5 should be reached before being able to actually craft T4.3 and maybe even T4.2 - this ensures the better T4.X items are actually rare and expensive. (There should probably be a slight decrease in the rare materials)
    On the other hand, T4.2 and T4.3 are both (slightly) better than T5, ensuring their usefulness, as you will be done with T4.3 well before even being able to attempt 5.2, so the items are still useful and demanded.
    Or maybe 4.2 is as good as 5.1 while only 4.3 is actually better - I am undecided about what is smarter.

    As for weapons, they of course still follow the same rules. No more T4.2 Claymore after Broadsword - just Claymore after Broadsword, with their respective better versions available for better rescources or more cash.

    And if I might be allowed to dream a little, please give us the chance to color our stuff.

    This is pretty much it.
    There is no more vastly superior choice, no more bad looking characters if you don't want to and the TX.1 gear has an actual reason to exist apart from progressing through them.
    Due to the splitting of the Heavy/Medium/Light there is no loss of fame or learning points needed to master something, so the 'Masterplan' of time to get to the highest tier stuff is untouched.
  • I like your suggestions. Yes the change they intend to make to make leather users use leather only, and not end up in plate if they want the best available medium armor is good.

    To make this x.1 x.2 x.3 option work, they'd have to make all the armor and weapon options for each subtier. There should be a leather helmet for x.2 and x.3 too for example, not just cloth or place.

    This is basically your idea right?
  • Veyrah wrote:

    To make this x.1 x.2 x.3 option work, they'd have to make all the armor and weapon options for each subtier. There should be a leather helmet for x.2 and x.3 too for example, not just cloth or place.
    They don't have to look differently, the different looks will be provided by the light medium and heavy variants.

    Basically I want there to be
    Light Cloth Helmet T4.1, T4.2, T4.3
    Medium Cloth Helmet T4.1, T4.2, T4.3
    Heavy Cloth Helmet T4.1, T4.2, T4.3
    for a total of 9 different cloth helmets in Tier 4.
    You can wear all the X.2 and X.3 variants when you reached Tier X - unless you can't afford them or noone can craft them.
    But you have to learn Light Medium or Heavy variants - you cannot equip Heavy when you only learned Light.

    Does this clear it up?