New Dungeon Types in Content Update Aurelius

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  • New Dungeon Types in Content Update Aurelius

    Hey everybody,

    as you might have seen we are launching our first content update during the Closed Beta called Aurelius next week. Part of this update is a re-work of our dungeons, starting with the T4 to T6 dungeons of the Keeper faction.
    I would like to explain what we change here and are also eager to learn what you guys think about it.

    Dungeons are one of the oldest parts of Albion, built at a time when the project was pretty young. While the external world evolved a lot during the development of the game dungeons have stayed in their original form. This made them feel - let’s face it - a little bit dated at parts. So before the launch of the Closed Beta we sat down and took a close look to see if there are things that could be improved. How could we make sure that people in our dungeons can adventure, farm and battle even better - the Albion way?

    Our answer to this are Open World Dungeons and Gateway Dungeons!

    • Open World Dungeons are what replaces the regular group and solo dungeons we are having so far.
    • An Open World Dungeon has one to four entries from the upper world. So if you are willing to fight the mobs inside, dungeons can be used to shortcut to another area.
    • On the inner ring of the dungeon you’ll find regular mobs in smaller groups, that solo players can farm.
    • Open World Dungeons have also what we call pockets: In these pockets you’ll find the tougher veterans. Pockets are designed for groups and going in there alone is not recommended.
    • There is a chance that there is a Gatekeeper inside a pocket. Gatekeepers are mini-bosses that when killed open a portal for up to five players into a Gateway Dungeon.
    • A Gateway Dungeon is basically the PvE sister of our Hellgates.
    • They are designed to provide dedicatedly staged, increasing challenges for groups of five players.
    • Fight your way through hefty mobs and mini-bosses earn plenty of silver and rare resources until you eventually reach the finale: The new named main bosses of the dungeon.
    • The risk is high – but the rewards are worth it.
    • Open World Dungeons that are leading into PvP areas are flagged as PvP too and we expect them to become PvP-hot-spots. The new designs and layouts are embracing this.
    • We expect a lot of PvP happening between groups in the open world dungeons, fighting over who gets to kill the Gatekeepers and get the PvE dungeon as a reward
    • Open world dungeons also act as shortcut between zones, so we expect them to be used for resource runs and transportation, which might give rise to some exciting PvP scenarios
    As mentioned, this update will only affect the Keeper faction but we plan to eventually do this for all the factions. Also, the Gateway Dungeons can of course also be set up to work with larger or smaller group of players - or even solo players. We will of course listen to you, see what you think of the concept and incorporate your feedback into future updates.
  • hey Cramit845,

    thanks for your feedback - glad you like it.

    hey tigers,

    our combat team has been working hard on the spells and you will see a lot of changes with the update. However, in a dev-team different people do different things. So level designers and artists were building new dungeons and mobs in the same time :).

    hey Tezari,

    the Gateway dungeons are limited to five people at a time - so zerging won't help and there are also Open World Dungeons in green zones.
  • Okay, here's what I would like to see in open world dungeons:

    - To see most of the dungeons to not be the one-way 'snakey' ones we have now. Some of them can remain simple (Such as dungeons primarily made for shortcuts), but if you want to satisfy the hunger of adventurers, you should definately create dungeons that are more complex (switches, traps, layouts like this, etc). Dungeons can also be large and relatively simple, almost as if they were normal clusters that just had the dungeon outlook. Anything works as long as there's variety.

    - Not being always tied into a certain monster faction, tier or level. For example, we might have a dungeon that mixes both normal morganas as well as veteran versions, elementals and heretics, etc.

    - To have additional purposes to visit certain dungeons, other than silver. Some dungeons might have ores at certain corners, some may have territories/cities awaiting to be captured, whatever that you think fits the dungeon theme. Some of these were in back in 2014 alphas.

    - Make more unique points of interests for dungeons. The butcher room from diablo 1 is a prime example of something that is never forgotten.

    - More variety into the lighting. It would be nice to have some of the dungeons set in darker ambient light, but with more sources of light (ex. torches on the walls to make up for the darkness, rivers inside caves made out of glowing lava, etc.)

    Also lastly as it is semi off-topic, it would be nice if some of the dungeons had more "triggered events", such as having to slay X amount of monsters in order to spawn the boss, etc, rather than just walk somewhere, kill the boss and be done with it.

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  • I really like the idea of open world dungeons where you can farm but still have chance for pvp.

    These gateway dungeons also sound great. Right now we are just facerolling dungeons intended for 5 players with 20 so this will definately fix this and allow dungeon designers more room to make dungeons unique and challenging. What I really hope that you make these dungeons truly challenging and mobs lethal because there is no risk of pvp there must be risk of losing your stuff if wipe. There must be risk vs reward even when there is no risk of pvp and that risk must be high enough so you have to think if you want to do the dungeon or not. Even in green zones!!!

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  • hey Createk,

    Glad you like it!

    we have started with dungeons of the Keeper faction and they are limited to T4-T6 because we figured that this will be an appropiate challenge for most players when we launch the update. Within those areas Gateways will be pretty tough - especially the T6 ones.
    We will create more and harder dungeons over the next weeks and months.
  • kardor wrote:

    hey Createk,

    Glad you like it!

    we have started with dungeons of the Keeper faction and they are limited to T4-T6 because we figured that this will be an appropiate challenge for most players when we launch the update. Within those areas Gateways will be pretty tough - especially the T6 ones.
    We will create more and harder dungeons over the next weeks and months.
    Okey good to know, I think big problem atm is that you cant gain fame to + t5 gear unless you kill mobs higher than t5, so that limits places to farm a lot.
  • GentleMoth wrote:

    Are the stonethrower gonna get fixed at the end of the t6 Keeper dungeons (blue)

    No matter wich dungeon you clear, either the boss is not there or fresh respawned, there are chars logged out there just to kill the final boss all the time for free silver, ruining the whole dungeon for the groups that do the dungeon legit?
    You should be kicked back to the entrance if you log out in a dungeon for a certain amount of time.
  • Gateways sound great! I was pretty worried that in the higher tiers there would be nothing to do unless your group was on, but hopefully the eventual solo ones will be fun and challenging.

    I'm a bit worried that the open world dungeons won't fix the rather large issue (at least with the game's current population) of dungeons already being cleared too often. Are the open world dungeons going to have faster respawns than the current dungeons, or are the gateway dungeons supposed to be common and numerous enough (obviously not in this patch but eventually) to satisfy the PvE urges?

    Also, will either of the new dungeon types have resources we can harvest inside?