Extensive Testing of Nature Staff

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  • Extensive Testing of Nature Staff

    Seasons greetings Albion.

    As the Thanksgiving surge ended and the Christmas surge begins we're starting to get good data on the various items bestowed to us by our wonderful crafting department. One of those items just happens to be the nature staff. An odd little stick in the ranger tree moved from the mage tree as of the last alpha test. I've been using this staff for about two weeks and have made it up to Great staves. I'm experimenting and testing the paths that interest me and so I haven't just stuck to one item. So here I'm going to lay out my thoughts and opinions for the community and developers. A first hand interpretation:

    Poison Thorns - Poisons target dealing 9 dmg/sec (stacks x3), [4 energy, 1.5s cast, 9m, 0s CD]

    This is a great spell in execution. I'm a big fan of Damage over time (DOT) spells, but there just isn't enough damage here to make it viable in PVE or PVP.
    Suggestion: I'd like to see more damage here and a slow. I imagine thorns shooting up around the targets feet slowing and damaging the target. Anyone who has ran through the woods knows that thorns hurt like hell and slow your movement.

    Rejuvenation - Heals target for 14 HP/sec (stacks x2). [14 energy, instant, 11m, 3s CD]

    This is what brought me to this staff over the holy staff. I played a druid in WoW and Rift for a long time. I love supporting everyone with Heals over time (HOT) and lessening the strain on the holy staff users. Beautiful animation and I wish the sound was rustling leaves.
    Suggestion: I'd like to see more healing here. There just isn't enough to be viable in PVE or PVP. As a tier 4 holy staff user I can barley keep up a Tier 4 Bowman against the undead. Faster tics, more healing and faster tics would really bring the Nature staff into the realm or viability.

    Revitalize - Heals self and allies nearby for 134 HP and 17 HP/sec for 5s. [31 energy, 2s cast, 11m, 15s CD]

    This spell is pretty much where it should be, a direct heal with a HOT for good measure. It has saved me and others many times. It's the only reason I can off heal in Blue dungeons. Not much to suggest here.
    Suggestions: None really, but I wouldn't complain if it healed for more.

    Clense Heal - Heals an ally for 16 HP while removing any negative effects. [18 energy, instant cast, 11m, 15s CD]

    This spell is great for PvP. It cleanses, it cleans, it revitalizes! Its like a great shampoo. The thing is it has a 15 sec CD, and it takes the spot of your strongest heal. It isn't a viable heal. All damaging attacks pretty much can out damage 16 HP a second.
    Suggestion: Cleanse on 15 sec CD with a BIG heal. Make it a good one. It's single target so when a quaterstaff user sprints at our mages and stuns them I can say " NAY NAY!" and poof big heal and the mage gets away. Im very passionate about PVP and this spell is my biggest concern.

    Circle of Life - Heals allies within 7m for 16 HP/sec for 10s. [59 energy, 1.5s cast, self, 30s CD]
    Again another very Druid-ish spell. A great way to top off after a fight and keeps the group moving in PvE. In PvP it doesn't have the healing power to mitigate any AOE damage.
    Suggestion:Needs more healing power, the CD and Cast time are fair.


    A great support weapon that just needs to be updated and brought into the Closed Beta with a fresh new healing bonuses. Even in full mage gear 24 HP per tic isn't going to be viable and the dev team has obviously worked hard developing it. Excellent in game look and animations. I'd like to see it be a good idea to bring a Nature staff healer into Dungeons and PvP, I have no delusions of main healing but I'd like to think my support will help be the pushing factor in deciding victory over defeat.

    Thanks for your time and continued effort on Albion. All the best. Falconetti Valar Morghulis
  • I love your break down, have you messed with the Shroom/4.2/4.3 Specialized heals... I feel as though they need work as well.

    4.2 is a Heal with a Shield/Reflect damage but you lose your valuable AOE heal
    4.3 is a Heal with a long cooldown massive resource cost and not much better heal than the standard circle of life.

    Shroom is a single heal (1xtick) for like 42hp that is ground targetable-- again not enough healing to do anything special