Spears - underpowered?

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    • Spears - underpowered?

      Based on my experience so far, spears seem underpowered. The fix to the charge has been a much needed boost, but spear is still weaker than many of the other weapon choices. The charge move is also significantly weaker than its stack-consuming counterparts (i.e. dagger, mage). I've found that it's been an uphill battle to win duels against most weapons (the easiest being quarterstaff, who seem to be almost equally gimped, unless using CDR for their stuns).

      It's true that spear fills a good chaser role, but that's where it seems to end. In many cases, spear's CC seems overkill - the slow is mainly valuable to help your group catch up. It's a fun to play weapon and has a role in PvP, but it desperately needs a damage boost. a reduction in the dash timer (so it can be used more than once in a toe-to-toe fight), or a variation in skill options (perhaps an alternate for the W).

      I hope that pike, having higher damage, doesn't feel as underpowered, despite missing the big damage move (the charge). I'm really looking forward to using the grab.

      Thoughts are welcome.
    • i think they really just need significantly lower the CD on the dash. That's really about it. I don't mind the stacking with no dmg. But what i do mind is that i have to wait 30 seconds to use the dash for damage. Which basically means i am waiting 2 if not 3 fights essentially to use it. I would almost half the CD on the dash then spears would be fine.

      But currentl I am just happy i hit tier 4 so i can switch out of spears as it was useless to me and i only used because it seemed like the best/ only( other is nature staff which is just horrid) option to get to quaterstaff's and daggers.
    • Let's be real, Spears sucks.

      Yes, they can be good in PvP in some cases, the slow is kind of nice, BUT :

      • The slow debuff is considered as CC, and so is reduced by CC reduction. If the other player stack CC reduction, you end up having a debuff fading too fast in regard of the Q cooldown.
      • If you can't stack the slow, the charge becomes borderline useless, and you have no way of doing real damage.

      • In raid dungeons, mobs have so much CC reduction that you can't effectively have 3 stacks of slow, making charge useless, and your DPS non-viable.
      • In raid dungeons, mobs are so fast, that even if you succeed to have 1-2 stacks (W+Q+W), you slow is meaningless.
      • Charge is buggy, sometimes it lets you jump, sometimes not. When you have a 0.5 second window with a 3-stacks debuff, and fail to charge because of it : FeelsBadMan.

      I will still be grinding fame until the Halberd as it's Beta, but if it stay the same, there is no way i would play that on live.

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    • I got pike a night or two ago and it's been a blast to play - the pull feels awesome. Unfortunately, it's useless outside of group PvP as the damage and utility just doesn't compare to its counterparts in non-chasing situations.

      The whole spear line needs some buffs to its abilities that either (1) increase dps, (2) add other types of CC, (3) buff the slow affect to impact cooldowns and autoattacks as well [decrease enemy dps].
    • The dash move often seems to be blocked by either the territory i happen to click on, or ...i dont know.

      When i am fighting a mob and standing still, the dash skill wont fire at all! I need to move for it to work. Just found out. Can anyone confirm? I will try more different enemies.

      After i dash behind an enemy and/or when i am not facing my enemy after a dash, my autoattack stops and i need to target the enemy again. This reduces my overall dmg and i get hit more often vs. not losing the target. Is this intended?

      General concerns with autoattack and 1st skill:
      I still feel like the time it takes to execute the 1st skill is too long. If it would be snappy and short, one could wait right after the autoattack hits and use the skill, barely losing time on the next autoattack. In my experience this does not work well, due to the animation time of the 1st skill. Feels like i am losing 0.5 sec on the next autoattack. Can you confirm that? Are you the right person to link here, @Thorn-Delwyn?

      Animation style:
      I don´t like the 360° spin animation on the first skill. Its a spear, why didnt you choose a nice and strong stabbing animation? :)


      Question: How much dmg does the cone-aoe 2nd skill do? Has anyone tried it out so far? <-- can tell you soon

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    • My suggestions for spears is.

      Q skill- When you reach 3 stacks of slow on the target the target gets rooted for a small amount of time and 3rd hit does bonus dmg (Cause spear dmg is so low this boost in damage will help and the root helps preventing enemy running away and allow groups to catch up and locking down ranged targets better for the lower mobile players) After the root wears off the slow stacks get removed and they gotta restack them aswell, kinda like how the quarter staff stun works but not as much of a hard CC like that.
      Other option with the Q skill since its a 360 degree attack animation maybe making it an aoe would work well and compensate the E lunge skill aoe for dmg boost aswell although it will hurt the higher tiered spear skills since they dont have the lunge.

      W- Same as it is now maybe boost the damage of the 2 auto attacks that slow but might not be required if they make the Q change

      E - Lunge i think seems fine i fee the Q needs to be fixed more than anything else, although glitchy at times with the movement and things.

      I feel these changes will help spear users out but still keep spears as what they were meant to be movements and chasing type weapons.
    • Another question.
      Why slow when you can stun?

      I tried spear and quarterstaff and what can I say...

      Spears Q does less damage than Quarterstaffs, both slow but Quarterstaff stuns at the 3rd hit.
      Spears E lasts 8 sec and applies slow, 1/4Staff is only 5 sec, but stuns.
      Only the AoE of the spear does more damage than the 1/4 AoE, but that has a knockback which is also an interrupt.

      Conclusion: Stun is far better than slow and you get free damage on top. Spear is underpowered.
    • Archiemedis schrieb:

      Quarterstaff is a 2h weapon, for comparing both weapons, you would need to test PIKE against quarterstaff.
      The 3rd hit stun is really nice, would like to see a 3rd hit root on spears.
      Fair enough, but as long as off-hand items don't do much...

      My point is, stun is vastly superior to a slow. slow only helps if someone wants to get away, at which point you probably are already winning.
      A stun is a game changer that can turn a losing battle into a win.
    • Yeah, thats why the spear and pike class are designed to be "Hunter" weapons (see the harpoon and slow skill). I think you are absolutely right in saying, that stun is superior to slow, but i doubt we will see a stun on this kind of class.

      At any dev who is responsible for designing weapons: Armor piercing is very spear like, perhaps add an option to have either slow or armor piecing on 1st skill?
    • Archiemedis schrieb:

      Yeah, thats why the spear and pike class are designed to be "Hunter" weapons (see the harpoon and slow skill). I think you are absolutely right in saying, that stun is superior to slow, but i doubt we will see a stun on this kind of class.

      At any dev who is responsible for designing weapons: Armor piercing is very spear like, perhaps add an option to have either slow or armor piecing on 1st skill?
      Pikes have even less damage imo than spear because there e skill does far less than the spear e and the q is pretty much the same.

      Only saving grace is the Pike E skill is handy in PvP but only if your in a group because your not killing anyone in a 1v1 or atleast at a disadvantage if you tried. So basicly your only goal in a PvP group fight is to land an E and pull somone into the group where somone else can CC them as u kill them quickly, other than that your not realy doing anything realy productive.