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    • JamezSUN schrieb:

      Hannibal_Barca schrieb:

      You assuming you are always fighting 1v1s. In a group fight the quarter staff is hard countered by the arcane staff and after that it's pretty useless damage compared to other weapons. Pretty much forces you to wear heavy gear. Pole hammer (when e is working) is 10 times better and more useful in the ranger tree. Quarter staff is probably the worst branch in the ranger tree besides nature staff
      This intrigued me as a quarterstaff user and looking for other options in the Ranger tree.
      As far as i know the Pole Hammer is in the warrior tree or did you mean something else from the ranger tree?
      sorry meant 4.2 pike/spear or whatever its called. 4.2 quarter isnt bad per say but spear is better

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