Holy Staff vs Nature staff

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  • Fikus wrote:

    Holy staff on T3 is like "don't even mind me, tickling you with my heals" the game start on T4 where instead of shitty smite you get yourself that sweat one-target heal which will make your guild members fight over you if they are going on to get some fame/silver. So the T4 stuff is over 9000 better then T3. Don't even try to heal with T3 don't even...

    The nature staff can compete only if devs will change numbers/usefullnes of skills. Of course here the game also begins on T4 where on Q you get that not that bad heal 25+/sec/stack and when you stack it 2 times it's not that bad
    This has been my experience. Getting to T4 is absolutely necessary to heal appropriately. Although the nature staff is hard as a solo healer of a group but if you have 2 nature or 1 and 1, then your all set, but pretty much it all starts at T4. Before that, just not worth it other than to get to T4 and above.