Lf guild for gather,craft,farming|pve, got legendary pack but im newb

  • Lf guild for gather,craft,farming|pve, got legendary pack but im newb

    Hi guys! I'm looking for a guild who need a gatherer, crafter, or farmer and willing to teach me how to be the best to serve the guild. I'm a fast learner, eventho a newb, i already learn much in youtube gameplays and forums.

    I'm a peace lover, tho i can be fierce if necessary, rather be a healer n tanker in pvp or gvg

    I might be a girl but i'm tough n dedicated to play much in this game, i'll see you guys on 23th november! My ign will be MiraJane :love:

    Cheers xx
    "After all this time?"
    "Always," said Snape.
  • Hey MiraJane

    A brief intro of StratsCo, we are a multi-game community that will be heavily rooted into Albion, we have 2 different guilds going into beta, StratsCo (PVE oriented) and Strats (PVP oriented). While both guilds offer both, the main difference will be location. PVE will focus out of the guild island and mainly stay in the green / yellow zones, while the PVP will operate purely out of the red/ black zones. If you think that sounds like something you like an you're still searching for a guild, have a look at our PVE side called StratsCo. They will be focusing more on the nicer things in life, without worry of losing it all in the blink of an eye. Head on over to forum.strats.co/t/albion-online-pve-stratsco-pvp-strats/8896 and just throw your info out. The PVE portion of the guild has no joining requirements as of yet, aside from registering on the forums to actually post.