Interesting P2W and PVP convo

  • Interesting P2W and PVP convo

    I recently had a good conversation with a co worker about PVP, gameplay and Pay to win. It was a very interesting conversation that made me think about a lot of things and gave me a better perspective on how others think.

    Here's how the conversation went.

    (me) I love pvp games, but i hate how a person can come into a game and drop a few bucks to get a super weapon/gear. He then wins every fight against me because they have a better weapon/gear that i can't seem to get around.

    But you have to agree that a person who spends the money should have better gear, they are paying for an advantage in the game.

    (me)Only an advantage against those who do not pay for the gear. If I could get the gear without having to pay, but rather after days/months of farming for it. would you still buy it.

    Probably not, I dropped thousands to get the best gear and to be the best, if you could get the same gear, i don't think it would be worthwhile. Not unless it was so hard to get that the likely hood of you getting it was really not probable.

    (me)Do you generally fight against other with the same gear as yourself.

    Not really, I don't generally run into others who are as geared as myself.

    (me) I don't really find it a challenge to win against people who are under geared as compared to myself. They tend to just be cannon fodder. I take it you don't have a problem with this since, most everyone is under geared as compared to you.

    ***Its not that I chose to be over geared, They have the same opportunity to spend the same $ and get the same gear, its them that chose not to become as geared as myself. So i don't have any problem with it. Its their choice.

    (me) What if everyone paid the $ and had the same gear as you. Would it still be fun.

    I don't think it would be as fun, But I know that others are not going to pay that much for the gear. So I will always have the advantage.

    It was the starred statement that stuck me oddly - I find that I pay $ to games to continue its funding, not to have the best gear. I do like to see things in game that are rewards, but not game changers. Like the gold/silver wreath on founder icons or the founders statues. The legendary founder ox and horse are huge buffs to the starting player, but aside from getting a good start. I don't believe that they will have a big impact a month from release for new players aside from helping the new player get an easier start. (at release they can and are going to be game changers for how land control plays out - think of if hammer and sickle had no founder horses/oxen and vendetta did.... )

    What are others thoughts about this conversation? I know this issue will be hashed out till the end of time.
  • didnt read.. just wanted to let you know that Pay to Win is abbreviated P2W. I had no idea what your topic was about until i opened it. Consider revising it.

    quick edit.. after not reading it.

    This game with full loot is going to be very hard to be considered P2W. It really should be called Pay 2 Lose your gear in PvP... because you WILL die.
  • "I love pvp games, but i hate how a person can come into a game and drop a few bucks to get a super weapon/gear. He then wins every fight against me because they have a better weapon/gear that i can't seem to get around."

    What game are you referring to? Albion Online? Archeage? I'm not sure whether you're referring to all games in general or a specific game. But seeing as how you posted this on Albion Online's forum i'm going to assume you're referring to Albion Online. As far as what I can see from videos, comments, you can't obtain end game items though real life money, which is great. So in a sense you can't really deem Albion Online as a Pay 2 Win game.

    But, money does provide advantages in Albion Online both in terms of cosmetics and progression. Cosmetics isn't a big issue since it isn't a major deciding factor on game play, but progression on the other hand is one of the major factors of game play.Buying a founder's pack will essentially give you a head start, for example the Legendary pack does give quite a bit of advantage, the Ox and Horse provides extra mobility compared to non paying players. This means that players who payed would naturally progress faster. Explorer's armor also provide additional protection in combat at the start of the game, to a certain extent.Same would apply for founder's house. At a short glance one might think "This only affects the early game" but the way I see it and correct me if i'm wrong, an early game advantage would allow you to progress on to middle and late games items first,allowing you to reach the top first.This affects mainly the competitive scene of the game and possibly the casuals of the game, but I guess if you are competitive you would have spent money already. The premium account may possibly pose as a minor advantage to players who have paid for it though only time will tell. This all falls under the category of Pay 2 Progress faster (not sure if it is even the right term)

    Now I do understand that developers, have to put a roof over the head and people should be paid for their work, which is something I 100% agree with. But regardless, even though albion online isn't a pay 2 win game (unlike *cough* archeage, which is great) it still is a pay 2 progress faster game.

    DISCLAIMER : I have yet to purchase founders pack or play this game, though I do have intention to purchase a legendary founder's pack this week (or at least before cb starts). I have written this from a perspective of a player who has yet to play Albion Online.
    Poor fox, gonna get killed and skinned in CBT. #FoxLivesMatter
  • I have mixed feelings with regards to pay to to progress a little bit faster is to have leet gears that are practically unobtainable in the game as a nonpayer for me would ruin it...Altho... keep in mind....everything is lootable from a kill :) so... pay to die and loose your stuff seems fair to a point...

    Pay for cosmetics.... fair enough
    Pay for game changers..... BAD IDEA

    As always we shall see what the developers do... I am looking forward to getting involved :)
  • Madmar1009 wrote:

    That instead of meeting on a level playing field,and keeping it challenging and fun, they would rather spend the money and secure a win.

    ChaosU wrote:

    All i Can say abort p2w. is l2p instead of using your parrets Creditcard!
    There is only one field, and that is the field of life. Better L2P on that field. It will make it so much easier to squeeze tears out of kids on the other fields like.... video games....