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  • Sandbox Interactive wrote:

    Will there be a cash shop where I can buy items?

    No. Sandbox Interactive will never sell items to players for real world money. We will likely have a cash shop, but this will hold cosmetic and vanity items. All weapons, armor, buildings, and other items are crafted by and bartered between players as part of our player-driven economy.

    Gold/Silver can be used in game to purchase premium time. Cosmetic and vanity items when/if created will also be purchased in game with gold/silver. I would expect this to be fully tested before games official launch.
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  • Frammshamm wrote:

    Where's your cash shop? or do you think that is something that doesnt need testing. Dont wanna scare people away by keeping it secret??

    So edgy bro. Here's a quick internet lesson.

    Normally when you want to find out information you do a search... Then you find previous threads of the topic, maybe even skim over them. If they're not too old of threads you can reply in that thread! Amazing huh?

    Though judging from your edgy post history you have an IQ south of 80, listen to Linkin Park and come from a broken home - It's to be expected. LoL is that way ->