Pinned Three Things You'd Like Changed in Albion Online

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    • 1- Real fighting mechanics like dodge (mostly leather armor,) parry and block ( mostly plate armor) and miss chance when you use low spec weapon against high spec armor.
      2- More skills in a skill bar, at least two "w" skills ( think about it, sword counters with parry strike and then splitting slash the running target or quarter staff stun run and then heavy cleave)
      3- Fighting horseback, with lower damage because of the movement and balance loss issue. The 1 and 2 will make the fights more balanced and more interesting i believe...
    • 1-Make it possible for the player to change the chat back color to black instead of semi-transparent: I found it very hard to read specialy when in purple chat (alliance) on snow biome. + add an option to increase font size for those like me with less than perfect eyesight.
      2-Give 1000 focus a day regen to non-paying costumer: You cannot claim to be truly free to play if you make some game feature unplayable like growing grain or farm animal. plus it will give them a taste of what it is use for crafting.
      3-Make it possible to activate a bell when a whisper is received.
      4-Add an alliance choice in the administration of who's have access to what. it will complement my guild and other player option.

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    • Having the gold sell limit known before buying gold. (*here is my sob story*) ive been playing for awhile, i finally got elder adventurer so i can get the mammoth i wanted since i started playing. i bought the gold and then BAM. cant sell it. now i have to wait at least 2 days, which meant till i go back to work for another week, so i rushed to get the fame, they let me spend the money to buy the gold without question, but now they care too much to let me sell it. now i gotta wait a week before i can actually get to use the mammoth if everything goes right. if i knew about the limitation i could have taken care of this in advance.
    • Yo!

      *(Quest and Task):
      Example Task: Kill 5000 protector son, after that you come back to the NPC and get an item that gives access to some final boss, this item can be 100% destroyed in the event of death so that it cannot be looted. And killing the boss has a chance of coming up with a rare item.
      Example Quest: Some shady place where only players with abominable reputation can access, where you need to fulfill some missions, to get access to some final chest where there are bosses.
      *(Maps and Biomes): I wish each map was unique, with unique monsters and dungeons from those locations.
      Example Mapa and Biomes: Ice biome, Ice golems, ice wizards, ice wolf, ice dragons. where there is only one ice dragon mountain. Ice wizards dungeons. Unique maps, a unique castle that only exists in that place, in short a unique geography both inside the dungeons, castles, camps and to the floor. There could even be a unique location on the map that has an abandoned, ghostly, multi-story town with quests. It would be epic.
      *(Risk and Gain): Improve fame rewards and increase adventurer risk in black compared to red zone.

      Last, Gankers: There should be greater punishment for red zone gankers especially, for example, at a reputation level the player becomes pvp full loot even though they are in a blue area.This will make people really endanger themselves to get rewards by killing more players.

      These are things I would like you to implement besides pvp, pvp just needs further optimization, because mechanically it's too perfect.
    • Well all things i would like to see implemented would be more like some new features than balancing the game ( since thats the role of the devs to know how to balance their game in my opinion )

      - Add some group events for all the players, with exclusives QUESTS ( yes quests ), like one every weekend at the same hour and same place ( i dont know if it would be pvp or pve ) , with a big dungeon spawning , and some higher stuff loot , like a limited time hellgate. Those could decide players to play in group, and connect at the same hour ( since in many guilds not many people are connected at the same time ). And imagine some new features for events like Halloween or Xmas with time-limited dungeon , with exclusives mobs and exclusive loot ( like a mount that you could get only by doing the quests , so all players could get it , even players without premium )

      -Add some new type of dungeon ( because tbh im kinda done of mines , keeps and caverns ), like even just the same but remastered with some elements and the same mobs but in fire/ice mode would make me happy xD.

      - Make the mounting fights system smoother , i saw many people saying that before it was a real pain , but i wasnt here before , and all i see is that actually pvp mounts chase are just ridiculous xD , people chasing themselves for miles and miles , with the same speed , the guys in the back have no way to catch the guy that they are chasing ( excepted if they got some friends waiting on the road ) and the guy running has no chance to turn since if he dismounts he has cd's , so maybe reduct the cooldown time of the spells after dismounting or something like that , to allow players to turn , and make fights smoother.
    • 1) implement NEXT COMMAND BUFFERING, where the next command is queued with the server as soon as it's pressed

      Currently, you have to spam press the next spell during the GCD or an interrupt/stun to get it to happen immediately after.... Which is really unpleasant, and also problematic for toggleable skills like the Staff of Balance E.

      Pretty much every game like this has COMMAND BUFFERING.. where if you press the next skill before the previous cast timer or GCD or stun/interrupt is finished.. it will SEND AND BUFFER it on the server.. so the server can process it immediately.

      2) Add an "attack target nearest to mouse cursor" hotkey

      The classic controls system is awesome in it's league-of-legends / MOBA style viceral excitement. However, the lack of attack move really screws up some situations... When a new target you want to switch to is moving, if you mis-click by just a few pixels, your character is walking instead of attacking.. which is just horrible feeling. This could be solved by making "attack current target" be "attack current target, or if there is no target, then the target nearest cursor" .. but in PvP this is not ideal. Ideal would be to have a real "league of legends style attack move" hotkey.

      For bonus points.. rename "Classic controls" to "MOBA style controls", and "RTS controls" to "MMO style controls"... since this is more accurate and relevant to the Albion player base.

      3) Eliminate the PvP faction scouting unflagging ganking games

      Currently you can flag up for a faction, run around "safely" looking for faction members in red zones.. then when you find one, unflag and kill them. Then flag up again. This is ruining the meaning of faction. Solutions:

      a) if you ask to unflag out side of a faction city, make the faction flagging linger for 15-30 minutes...
      b) if you kill a faction member, make you an enemy of the faction for 7-30 days, so you can't reflag for that faction

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    • 1. Optimize the game. When I first started playing, (I joined during Kay) my computer could run this game with shadows and graphical effects. Now, I'm dropping below 30 FPS on lowest settings with reduced resolution.

      2. Add further progression, at least for weapon lines, past 400/400 in some form or another.

      3. Get rid of alliances or cap the number of guilds that can belong to each alliance.
    • 1. Go back to a less extortionist style system of monetization. Originally this game was presented as a game where you could earn what you need in game...not just buy your way through it. F2p, subscriptions.....its crap.

      2. PVE needs so much help at this point. 20 foot long random dungeons have no place. Its pretty obvious the real dungeon designers were fired when the expeditions portals were converted to these instantiated dungeons. Don't add cheap trinkets. Bring back real dungeons. Something worth spending a Friday night in with friends. Not video crack to support a pointless habit.

      3. Just scrap every that has happened since about 1 year before release and start over from there.
    • Raithe wrote:

      1. Go back to a less extortionist style system of monetization. Originally this game was presented as a game where you could earn what you need in game...not just buy your way through it. F2p, subscriptions.....its crap.
      You can still earn all that you need within the game. And there is really no P2W or "buying", I mean just look at idiots like @Player112. Tried to swipe credit card for Combat Mammoth - as soon as he left the city and tutorial zone, the Mammoth got taken away by 2 newbie PKs. Im sure it was a nice payday for them and they could get their f2p accounts a couple of month of premium. Working just as intended and all kinds of p2w are blocked easily by the game design.

      Raithe wrote:

      2. PVE needs so much help at this point. 20 foot long random dungeons have no place. Its pretty obvious the real dungeon designers were fired when the expeditions portals were converted to these instantiated dungeons. Don't add cheap trinkets. Bring back real dungeons. Something worth spending a Friday night in with friends. Not video crack to support a pointless habit.
      Raid dungeons are coming. That is not to say that I'd like to see some variation in maybe larger/longer dungeons, but taking on avg 5 min to clear a single floor seems to be very very appropriate. I quit DOTA because sometimes I could not stay on for 40 min straight to finish the match. Having 5-15 min (1-3 floors) "matches" of solo dungeons feels just perfect.
    • 1.An Order Deed system like UO had/has. Rewards could be things like runic hammers that apply bonuses to crafting speed and quality like the crafting food buff does, silver, fame, artifact pieces, one time use gathering tools with increased yield/gather speed are just a few ideas. The items that get turned in could be applied to the in game drop system like items sold to the black market. Maybe make the NPC’s that provide the orders be tied to a new type of building on your island or just the current crafting ones, but you can only get them from crafting stations on your island to encourage people to build something other than farm plots and one house on their islands.

      2. Give my island resource returns that scale with the level of my buildings so that at t8 I would have a 15% return rate, at the same time have ever increasing taxes that sale with the building level also. It could look like this:
      t4 3% RR 10% tax
      t5 6% RR 20% tax
      t6 9% RR 30% tax
      t7 12% RR 40% tax
      t8 15% RR 50% tax
      The taxes are arbitrary, they would need to be balanced so that there is always a greater incentive to craft in cities, but low enough so that it’s worth the convenience to craft on you island if you wanted to. This would increase stone, wood, and food demand. It would also regulate city tax prices and break monopoly’s on city plots. The regulated taxes would probably cause lot prices to fall but that would just introduce a lower barrier of entry into city shops and there for cause more competition. The taxes collected from these island shops would also be a silver sink and that would help control inflation.

      3. I really think that you should be able to see all of your sell orders and buy orders from a singular interface, as well as the contents of you bank boxes like a ledger or something.

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    • My thoughts so far, since F2P:

      1) Make living in the black zone optimal for fighting in the black zone.

      Right now, living in royal cities is optimal for anyone fighting in the black zone, due to markets, islands, and fast travel. This means black zone warfare is realmgate-centric (everyone masses up at realmgates to zerg), allowing easy projection of power across huge swaths of geography.

      If players instead needed to live in the black zone, warfare would be base-centric, and it would be far harder to project power.

      Also, there would be a higher emphasis on local gathering of resources and crafting of gear. Being in a guild would be more about being in a living community on the map itself, and not something where you do your own thing and then pop in for scheduled events.

      2) Remove the focus mechanic, and balance solely on resource spawn.

      The focus mechanic is an arbitrary bottleneck that significantly diminishes the value of nearly half the destiny board. Instead of limiting crafting through focus, simply limit it through resource spawn rates.

      Also rework farming to be more engineering-based, and husbandry to be actual breeding (like Wurm Online).

      3) Add tile-based engineering/terraforming.

      Redo islands to be tile-based: clearable and buildable everywhere. Allow making construction pieces with gatherable resources, to assemble into bigger structures, including aqueducts, waterwheels, walls, towers, fences, etc.

      Would also like to see each hideout have an instanced defense map that players could similarly build up, tile by tile. :)
    • 1. Make the items on lower tier weaker and in the higher tier stronger.

      Display Spoiler
      It’s basically to make the damage, resistance, heal, or whatever effect it has making a greater difference. Let's take the Malevolent Locus as an example:

      A T4.0 Locus with +20 of Mastery Bonus have 1000 of Item Power, The Void (E Ability) give 85 resistance to allies, that the unique feature that change.
      A T8.3 Locus with +20 of Mastery Bonus +72 from enchantment have 1332 of Item Power, The Void give 94 Resistance.
      This is like a 10% bonus of difference, on the other side, you will probably need 100 times more silver to buy an 8.3 locus, IF YOU FIND ONE BECAUSE THERE IS NONE SINCE IT'S USELESS.

      I know that a few patches ago the Malevolent Locus get nerfed a lot, I remember it giving more than 230 resist "Resistance Increase: 0.78 -> 0.45 -> 0.30".

      The way it's is now, no one gonna use a T8 Locus, people don't even fame farm it because it doesn’t make any difference. What I wanna make you guys do is to make items like this more worth it to bring a T8, to make people who farm these specific items more rewarded.

      Today, If there is someone who isn’t effective with his class, we just give him 2 tome of insight and ask him to play Locus, even nerfed it's still OP, but there is no use to someone who always play locus and have spec on it, he have the same value as someone who just buy 2 tomes.

      Soooooo, let's make it worth it! What we can do:
      Let's put a base value, in this case a T4 locus have 980 IP, so let's make a locus resistance base value +50 resist, now we make every single IP above this escalate better, a T8 Locus have 1240 base Item power, we can get + 72 from .3 enchantment, + 100 from masterpiece quality, + 300 from Mastery (spec) bonus and + 100 from overcharge, so, the best locus to ever exist can have 1812 Item Power.

      A T4.0 Locus give +50 resistance. (980 IP)
      A T8.3 Masterpiece Locus with overcharge + 400 specs give +216,4 resistance (50 base +166,4 from IP). (1812 IP)

      It's done this way, 980 is the base, 1812-980 = 832. This is the value we gonna use to make the item stronger, I am using 0.20 resist per IP, so it gives +166,4 resistance bonus + 50 base.

      Well, if you wanna do a ZvZ, you will usually use a T6.1 gear, and you will usually have at least +200 mastery bonus, A T6.1 locus with + 200 Mastery bonus will have 1344 IP, you will get a +122,8 resistance.

      You guys can make the way you want, I only ask to make the difference between a T4 and a T8 extremely great.
      You guys can make every Tier escalate better, for example:
      T4 give +0.10 resistance per IP
      T5 give +0.13 resistance per IP
      T6 give +0.15 resistance per IP
      T7 give +0.17 resistance per IP
      T8 give +0.20 resistance per IP

      Anyway, you guys can think about the balance issue, you just need to make it weaker at lower tier and stronger at higher tier.

      2. Make the items have differences in cast speed, range, cooldown and other effects based on item power, tier and magic/physical bonus.

      Display Spoiler
      I think more things need to have a change too if it's more strong, like the cooldown, cast speed, range, there is a lot of things that will make the players choose the stronger tier one, maybe the player need a more fast casting time, a more short cooldown and so on.

      Some effects don’t change when you use Cloth/Leather or Plate, take the Locus as example, It’s resistance don’t go up if you put a Cloth armor, even if it’s from the Arcanist Destiny Board, people need to be more rewarded by wearing cloth, they need to get better effects on the item than those who use Plate.

      Even being a magical item, people use Plate because there is no difference between using Plate and Cloth on Locus, so people usually go for Plate since they want to be alive. We can change that to make the item having a better effect on magical power, if they have more Magical power the item gives a lot more resistance, a larger area of effect and so on.
      The items need to escalate better with the respective sets and change things like the range, cooldown and so on. Please reward more who come overgeared.

      3. Make a new skill variation of the E ability on T6 and T8. (At least for Artifact Weapons.)

      Display Spoiler
      Another thing I would like is to have more variations in the E skill. You guys can make it like some spells that you need a better tier weapon to unlock, this way if people want a variation of the E skill, they will need to have a better tier one.

      Locus example: T4 you only have the classic ability.
      In T6 you have a second E skill to choose, the difference is that the area is of 7M radius from the beginning, don't grow and it last for less time. (Still have the classic cleanse of effects)
      In T8 you have a third E skill to choose, it work like a cleanse, you can use it anytime, even under silence, in air or stunned, it will create an instant locus explosion of 10M radius that will remove all positive effects from enemies and removes all negative effects from allies, and give everyone within the range a 3 seconds resistance buff.

      This way people may want that third skill and will try to buy or make a T8 locus, if they have a T6, even if they don't want the second skill they can still choose the first one, this open a lot of new ways to play the game and will make it much more fun.

      If you give every gear a second skill variation on T6 and a third on T8, it will make a lot of people wanting them, and this will make the rich players spend they silver on it, because it will be worth it.

      The game will be much more fun with a lot of new variations of the skills, I know it's a lot of work, but I think it's worth it and you guys shall give it a try.

      You don't need to make every gear have more variations, you guys can start with just Artifact Weapons.

      Players will have a lot of more options, will be more hard to see what's coming, imagine a T6 Brimstone that have a variation of a more fast cast speed in exchange of damage, this way the player can choose another chest piece, a T8 that it's a channeling ability that will make a rain of smaller meteorites until the caster cancel the ability and so on.
    • Some "cosmetics" or lil changes:

      1. Alliance and guild members should be visible on map even if not in a party.

      2. When in party with alliance members - capes should change logo to alliance one.

      3. pings showuld be visible to alliance and guild members even if not in a party.
      G-R-C-T Guild Master
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    • I think the looted items from players can only be sold at Carleon for special money (like in real life you can`t sell stealed items without help from fence) so, to bye normal items from normal auction`s in other cities you need launder money and can use this blood money only in Carleon without restrictions for repairing and so on. Black market is for example - the looted items can be sold only this place at -50% price for "clean" money or something like that. And why the gatherers and traders in game can`t hire swords to guard caravans or something? In real life caravans always be guarded hired mercs, but in game you can`t do that - reputations not worth anything (you can contract with players, but without reputation they can take money and laughing in your face without do a job and any loss in reputation or worse - have a treaty with gang and kill you in a way to destination point), thats unfair.