Angepinnt Three Things You'd Like Changed in Albion Online

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      Surprise! We actually do read this thread, just like the overwhelming majority of all other threads. :)

      - Lino

      Could you share here if there is any intention about bringing new mobs, like classic ones, dragons, orcs and others? It's almost a crime a game like Albion without dragons... would be nice to see new maps, full clusters with specifics mobs that can be found only on that one map, every continent having the same content (diferent lvl... but still) is very boring, you feel like you travelled all the world to see the same mobs...

      Please say something about dragons
    • Hi, I think Albion has an excellent visual style and design. But despite this, the world around is barely felt alive and does not allow to dive into itself. People who have ever played Morrowind, for example, understand what I mean. I want to share a few ideas that will make travel in Albion more exciting.

      1) New locations and moving between them. Now all Albion is like a caged notebook. Why should there be only two or four entrances to the location? Add new locations with an interesting design, locations that lead only one road, or six. It can be abandoned temple complexes or simply beautiful lakes, extensive systems of caves or deep gorges.

      2) Dungeon Improvement. Each dungeon must have its own unique layout. It motivates people to visit new places, to develop new tactics and plans. Make them wider, add deeper levels with lethal mobs, add a variety of traps that will not let you relax. Every time I'm in Camlann, I see these steps leading down and dream of descending into dangerous crypts beneath the swamp.

      3) Weather and soil. Add weather effects, rain, fog, snow, sand storms. They can affect the speed of movement and the range of the view. For example, in snowfall, the speed of movement of all players decreases by 5%, and fog will make it easier to hide from the enemy, reducing the distance of appearance of the player name. If you go even further, the weather can have little impact on certain classes. For example, in snow and rain, frosty staffs inflict 5% more damage, in the wind and storm damage from bows and crossbows decreases by 5%. In rainy weather, fisherman's catch increases, and cotton and wood grow faster. In the fog more animals come out of the shelters, increasing the extraction of skin, strong winds bare rocks, allowing to extract more stone and iron. Bad weather slightly reduces the speed of movement. Roads allow you to move faster.
    • Mob Lethality and dungeons.
      I really miss dungeons having a big glowing blue seal beyond which lies bad as mobs.

      It would be nice to see this back with one step further. I would love dungeons to have an additional red seal beyond which mobs are lethal.

      Using the layering of dungeons green dungeons could come back as 1 to 3 person group oriented. Blue dungeons as the 5+ person group oriented.

      I really would love to see the red seal be at least the 3rd layer of the dg. Beyond the red seal it would be cool if there were faction goals/bosses giving all sizes of crops faction combat or mission gameplay. I think making the areas before all blue seal soloable would attract more ppl looking for groups or just farming and being a potential encounter in pvp zones.
    • 1. Unique maps/zones/dungeons, each zone should be individualized. Some maps should be small, medium, and very large. Some maps should have 1 exit, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or more. All dungeons should be individualized with severely difficult areas in deep-level basements. No A-out option in the hardcore basement (at the bottom). Make it so you have to have very, very high gear and spec to survive the lower levels.

      2. New housing system -- allow some maps to be "free-for-all" in terms of players setting up houses in the overworld, like Ultima Online. Allow customization of houses (different walls, roof, floor plan). Introduce a lot of house 'decorations' into the game, like Ultima Online. Many would be drops, and others would be Craftable with a "Carpentry" skill tree.

      3. Black Zone Towns -- revert back to Beta design. Make a small town in Anglia, medium town in Cumbria, and large town in Mercia. These will be fought over. Allow pvp events in BZ cities. Like if a town is under attack, then make there be limited guards and players can attack each other (except guards will attack you if you flag criminal). Remove Caerleon BZ gate. Make Caerleon the best crafting city with huge bonuses. This will encourage players to remain in Caerleon, while needing to transport high tier gear to other cities and the Black Zone. This would introduce player-driven "caravans" into the game, much more content.

      4. Redo the Faction system, each faction city should specialize in one type of resource, processing, and crafting. Leather would be Thetford, for example. That would make the royal cities relevant and encourage trading between them, and Caerleon. Make it big rewards for Faction loyalty, and penalties for leaving a Faction. Make the Faction system "worthwhile". The more you invest in your faction, you can get big "faction rewards" down the road. This would provide even more game content. Limit the faction capes to its own faction. If you want to use faction gear then you have to be aligned and participating in that specific faction.

      Maybe introduce an "insurance" system for faction gear so some is retained upon death. This would give the Blue-Yellow-Red zone players more carebear pvp options. Make Black Zone full loot, of course.
    • Take away the if you drop your Founder Items or are killed you lose them
      Why did we bought that package if were not going to use them.

      Take away the lock that only the first character created may get Founder Rewards, not a single MMORPG does this, most AAA games like WoW, GW2,ESO,FFXIV mails you Founder Rewards each time you create a character of course they are Accound Bound.

      Create Transmog System, Achievements, Collectibles to strife for whenever we arent grinding.