Pinned Three Things You'd Like Changed in Albion Online

    • So many bad ideas, I'm scared, I hope they don't read you guys all!

      1 - Improve the world and make every location more unique, if you go for i.e. to the forest, it will be pretty much the same maps wherever you go, royal continent, mercia, angria, cumbria... really doesn't feel that you went to a far or different location. (T7 maps are nice, there you feel you entered somewhere different, but it's all the same in every continent)

      2 - Improve mob variety, same problem happens to the mobs, you can go to the other side of the world of Albion and there will be the same morganas, keepers and skeletons... a RPG game nolstalgic as it is without Dragons is almost a crime, you guys need to understand that the initinal idea of "mob factions" on aplha and beta phase did not work, makes no sense to have the same mobs all over the world, it's cool to go to somewhere to kill an specific mob, the variety must get wayyyy bigger, we would have people travelling everywhere to go to specifc mobs and fighting over the best and uniques spawn areas.

      3 - Mobs variety again! Classic mobs! Dragons (more than one type), orcs, minotaurs, spiders and giant spiders, trolls, goblins, dwarfs...
    • 1- remove the reputation system

      2- remove the reputation system

      3- remove the reputation system

      I now have to choose between trying to kill the gatherers (that are "safely" gathering on Royal, with a enchant rate of BZ) and transporters or do factions. If I choose the first I'm incredible penalized by the reputation system, not allowing me to do any other content on royal continent. It is just nonsense... I would bet that factions would love to hire some assassins to kill other faction members right?

      If you give royals the same enchant rate as black zones, give them the same risk as black zones. Right now is much more profitable to gather on royal yellow maps with ZERO RISK than anglia... same enchant rate and more tier 4/5 which is much more expensive than the tier 6 as you just killed tier 6 prizes by adding a ton of it everywhere on black zone.

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    • 1) More PVE content like raids, I did a suggestion overhere: Idea for Improvement of Resource Boss and Boss in general

      2) More consensual PVP content, like a big Hell Gate with 3-4 teams against each other, x1 hellgate. Put random map like scrims in arena and rank system that would make people train more for GvG.

      3) Make caravans the heart of albion crafting. That idea for factions were awesome, but there is no reason to people make caravans, because focus are the main thing in albion, if you craft with 44% in Caerleon and 47% in Royal Cities with focus, it's almost the same. Do 44% without focus for refining in cities arround caerleon and 50% without focus in black zone cities. And focus can be only used in caerleon to get 44% and places without the special bonus . This would incentive everyone to do a caravan in black zone and royal.
    • 1. Remove Caerleon or move it to Outlands (replace portal to Outlands with harbors). Caerleon ruins the game, and it was a big bad surprise for me, when devs introduced it right before release (now they're trying to fix the situation with refining/crafting bonuses, etc.). Honestly, I would prefer world design as it was in early beta stages.

      2. Add more silver sinks. Maybe this could be done by increasing repair costs drastically (without overflowing the initial silver price of the item).

      3. Add more indicators to Guild/Bank Vaults (we already have almost useless "weight" indicator). I mean two things: "slots used"/"total slots", and "items total" when hovering over a certain item (if I have 100 stacks of refined cotton in the current vault tab and hover over one of the stacks - it should display 99.9k).

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    • - Remove Caerleon, please. Let it be a real “player driven economy”, between five cities with different resources. Make trading a real feature of the game, different and more challenging than buy orders and sell orders in Caerleon. I’m not asking devs to destroy the world they created: just let “the story” run. Imagine: Cerleon has been destroyed by “something”. In the middle of the royal now lays a big T8 full loot pvp dungeon in multiple (like 15, like HCE) levels, with mobs stronger and more rewarding increasing with the levels. This could be a real “hardcore” pve experience, and could replace the (terrible) HCE system. At the end of the last level, you can fight the “something” which destroyed Caerleon, the strongest world boss ever seen in the game. I have incredible ideas when I’m drunk.

      - Make 20v20 gvgs (the funniest content in the game from my pov) available to a bigger playerbase. Increase the number of chances to play it (for example, it could be used to attack the farm plots in the outlands’ city plot maps), provide a cap for some maps (for exemple the beginners’ cities, rewarding guilds owning them with something), create a 20v20 scrim system, which could be really interesting also for ZvZ practice for smaller guilds/alliances.

      - Albion is about PvP, which I enjoy a lot. Despite of this, I would love a better PvE: a lot more mobs, unique dungeons in each dungeon map, instead of the terrible morgana-keeper-undead-and-repeat system. Famefarming is like an unenjoyable torture at the moment. I don’t want it to be easier, just funnier to play.
    • Isio wrote:

      - Remove Caerleon, please..
      I am hoping for a huge event where between two update cycles Caerleon is under siege... The next update turning it into ruins...

      History repeating itself. It happened 1000 years ago, ot could happen again...

      Yea, I know. Not gonna happen... One can still deream :whistling: :saint:
      Maybe Vaerleon could be replaced eith BZ cities... BZ Faction warfare? :huh: Not sure how it would work but BZ is zergfest already, right?
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    • More space. This world feels so small. The bz is the biggest and its tiny with all them portals everywhere.

      Solo dungeons in zones other than black and red. And by solo dungeons I mean dungeons with soloable pulls that have room for many soloers.

      Remove Carleon portals and build tunnels to the bz. I would hope for at least a 6 room set of long tunnels and underground pathways. A small town at the end with a repair station, ah, and chest would rock. Prices here would be high enough to account for muggers in the tunnels. And definately not so many bz access points. Ideally the tier of zones would go up as you get away from towns.
    • As a trader i would like:

      1. Contracts to rent out farmplots for x amount of days to player y for z amount of silver.
      2. When it comes to the auction house, i just want to type in an order like : i want to buy the 500 cheapest fiber. I don't want to buy them one piece at a time, because there are a lot of small stacks of resources on the auction house you need to buy seperately.
      3. Artificial scarcity, for instance during seasons. Like for instance:
      during winter: lower yield of farms, fiber, wood. Easier to find and kill animals.
      during summer: easier to find and mine ore and stone, animals are stronger, fibers grow faster.
      4. If i may ad a 4th one: Right now tier 8.3 and other high tier gear are worthless from a risk vs reward point of view. Your risk is infinite and the gear gets scaled down anyway, especially since the overcharge system was introduced to add insult to injury. I like the stories about the first titans in EVE, at the start they where extremely strong and insanely expensive. But in albion everything is worthless and extremely expensive.

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    • 1. introduce platform/cage or something to keep mounts outside (on the island); walking /standing freely on the island
      2. allow the use of learning points in farming/ food crafting
      3. make possible to use the chest on the mats territory during the time they have no owner - sometimes players leave their stuff on alliance territory and then a gild is leaving and goods are lost. Allow at least for limited time to claim this stuff, for example during the time before clearing territories and claiming them by gilds
    • 1- Make mounts have its own bag, that you drop things in, also you can leave the mount behind with loots to flee from gankers if u choose. Making them following you also would be nice;

      2- Change the rep system for zvz's, today you do one zvz and you're Dreaded for life, makes NO SENSE at all - you cant fight for red zone bosses or you lose all rep (we fighted for old white yesterday and got everyone in guild dreaded in one clap);

      3- Graveguard helm shouldnt pvp kill you. Make new weapons! Where is the Thunder Mage?
    • Atm HCE is too rewarding, a 10% buff to fame in BZ would be nice to get people out and risking pve gear.

      I also think faming with 8.3 or .3 gear should get 10-20% more ip, Maybe this buff should'nt apply to gvg/HCE/safe cities but open world only like black zone, it would help the economy have a use for this gear besides HCE which i dont think is healthy for the spirit of albion online, ATM why bring 8.3 when you can bring 8.1 or 7.2 and overcharge it.

      Another thing, for smaller fame groups/guilds without a scout to camp outside, getting crashed mid pull is invevitable alot of the time and you stand virtually no chance, maybe a 20% defence buff or allow enemy to steal aggro easier from there aoe would help or some type of small shield, crashing is fun no doubt but extremely easy to kill famers who are under attack from mobs. to keep this from being abused it would only apply to the players taking dmg from the pve mob. not really sure exactly how they could implement something like this. Or give a warning/blip when a group of 5+ enters/ Gets within 50-100 meters,however you'd need to make it so you cant a out for 30-60 seconds or something after combat. if they do a out you don't deserve a bubble.

      A 1v1 zone in red would be cool for the carleon duelers, functioning abit like runescapes wildy no multi zones, maybe just 1 red zone or a dungeon or something with no mobs inside where players can go for a fair fight.

      For the veteran players new content is needed, theres nothing more exciting than new weapons/armours so keep bringing them in! maybe add some new non relics also, I also wouldn't mind if there were super rare expensive relics that had 4 spells, might be abit of work but would add another layer to the game.

      A black zone city hub could be cool too, make it medieval/darker themed from here you could relock. Add in a duel arena or tavern with dice/ old medieval games to wager silver.

      In safe cities like carleon or said new bz hub, add more customization/cosmetics to your character/ allow option to hide certain things like armour/over ride with cosmetics that you could buy with gold from cash shop. You have no idea how many players would buy these things, Outside of safe city they wont work to prevent players hiding gear during fights.

      Would also be cool if they released more farmable bosses that drops unique items in blackzone, Make this hard could make it so solo has 50% more chance of unique drops than say a group of 5+.

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    • Arcane staff its main weapon of many ppl who like to play support, Arcane staff are awesome playstile, but its uselles... i keep playing cuz i like playstile but, greate arcane staff buff are useless now, protecting only against magic dmg??? 1 hand arcane staff "E" skill dont purge more and dont knock back... Occult staff dont dmg in E skill and loww are ridicullous, for a infernal artefact... and most important! why for the God sake "W" skill Frazzle with 10 seconds CD!? HOW FOR THE GOD SAKE WE CAN SOLO NOW!!!!??? arcane colud be used for us, arcane mages to solo open world with "Q" shiled spell and "W" frazzle without CD, just put fmg in that we dont need reduce defense or any of that things... just put frazzle CD=0 again and we dont need DPS spell in "Q" just Shiled, and we dont need use any other weapon!!! why u devs change so much our weapons!! we play houers and houers lvl up to u fuck all? its disrespec of players time...